Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fantasy Piano

I have been looking for and downloading pictures to use on Facebook and seeking quotes to match with them and came across this one which I fell in love with. It is me...me...me...me...me! I want Spirit to take over my fingers now and see what this image invokes. And so...


Oh, that's not my piano nor am I fond of playing. But the flowers are wonderful and I already had a drink of the wine that is no longer in my glass. Honey, pure honey is dripping from my mouth after my beloved and I are together in the next world. He is holding me now and you are wanting a message from us? Okay then...you shall receive one. Listen closely.

You are fortunate to be the one writing my words and not the one whose reflection you are witnessing in the photo of my piano and my lace neath the candelabra. Oh I said it wasn't my piano, but yes, I didn't speak the truth for reasons this piano is a haunted memory. You, however, are listening to this beautiful pianist with voice of strength and love and beauty. You also sang and played the piano...I see your black piano...in better shape then mine. So let us all rejoice in the spirit of music today while we are together in our respective worlds. There is not much preventing us from laughing and singing together...we can all smell the roses at the same time...we can raise our glass at the same time and give memories a chance to bring themselves to us all in unison.

Hold on to your specialness. Music is a gift to your world and it lingers also in this after world. I have one idea that will make this image remain alive for us...it is that you create something from this process you are using to gather communication from the other side of the lace cloth. I can see your face and light. I can tell that you love everything about this image before you. You reflect this image. This image reflects who you are in Spirit...musical, and live for beauty in life. Now you must depart from your message and continue writing other messages from other images that create emotion necessary to put in the written word.

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