Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Watch Out

Once Upon A Time

Spring Tour of Back Yard - Updated 2019

The wisteria is magnificent this year!
Can you tell there's a gypsy wagon in there somewhere? :) 
The bees love the blooms - loud buzzing!
Finished the changes in back yard so I'm adding this post as an update.

Moved from pots on the deck, planted our new topiaries where the dead bush was removed and put out a whiskey barrel topped with bright colored flowers.
This area is finished now. 
We used two planters from the deck to bring to the cemeteries so went for an early ride to buy two mew pots of something different for the deck to replace them - love what we brought home. 
Uh - my tray of succulents wanted in this shot - getting some sun atop "Tabby Cat's" house! The pink & purple petunias are a new replacement.
They need to be transplanted...someday!
The last image for this post is of the 2nd replacement for the planter removed for the cemetery on Memorial Day. It's a full beautiful pot of purple and white petunias. Flourishing! :)
Sorry to show you our deck rails that need paint desperately - soon. 
This is the end of the Spring Tour of our back yard...the front yard pics are in another post. 
See ya' - Happy Spring!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Spring Tour of My Front Yard - 2019

Pink Dogwood on right side of driveway.
I wanted to take pictures today before storms arrive overnight - could possibly lose blossoms from heavy rain.

I always have geraniums in the pot on pedestal - they do so well. Flanked by concrete benches which I added a gargoyle on each have been protecting our property for 30 years! The house is behind the tall bushes and a long way from the road.
This gargoyle we named, "Wolfgang."
This one (from behind) we named, "Ludwig." 
This is a view from the edge of the driveway near the road and shows a big part, but not all of the front yard. If you look between the sugar maples at back right, you will see our crab tree. You can also see the bench and "Ludwig" far right of tree.
Front view of our poor crab that was just trimmed of all the dead limbs...poor baby. I want to save all the branches that had life. The back view is below.
Looks quite different from the back!  I'm keeping the "suckers" - maybe they'll grow into something. 
...and this I LOVE! 
It's a type of succulent and last year we had a red one. It did so well between the garage doors we wanted another one this year. I was so happy when I saw the nursery had one with PINK blossoms - my very favorite color!

This is the end of the Spring Tour of my front yard!
It'll be a nice memory for me, too. :) 

Flowers on Back Deck - Spring 2019

Got flowers for the deck and yard for the season -
this is right side and I like to sit on a chair against the house where I took these pics from.

Here are some of the left side - looks a little messy with seeds on floor and table and Tabby Cat's house. We have birds, squirrels, wild turkeys and whatever wants to visit and eat here! 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat
So sad to learn Grumpy Cat has passed away at 7 years old. You will be so missed, sweet kitty. 
You made the world smile through your frown.
~ Rest in Peace ~

Tuesday, May 7, 2019