Saturday, March 24, 2018

Beach boys - Sloop John B

Sat for a minute thinkin' about oldies and the Beach Boys popped into my mind - looked at a few song titles and when I saw this one I wanted to post it - one of my favorites! Great Song!! Love it!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Day After Bomb Storm "Skylar" - 20" Snowfall

View from living room window down driveway to street. Plow guy came once yesterday but needs to finish plowing and shoveling today.
View from living room window looking over bushes toward right front yard.
Looking left from back deck - 20" of pretty white snow! Didn't stop the turkeys from coming for food yesterday! They make deep tracks in the snow and help flatten it...that's a good thing!
View from door to back deck - been putting seeds out for birds and turkeys. So nice to see the sun this morning! Welcome to New England in winter!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

John Davidson 1972 hits: American Pie, Joy to World & My Personal Photos

John Davidson has been one of my favorite male vocalists since he came onto the music scene. I was so fortunate to go to his performance at our local Warwick Musical Theater in RI way, way back...I will always remember his gold jacket he wore that night - he has a pitch perfect voice, oh so sweet, still today he remains one of my very favorite vocalists and people, in general. 
John was gracious enough to come out and talk to the crowd after his performance.
The two people each side of him in black work for the theater and the backstage stuff - moving things around, and so wear black to go unnoticed.  
(double exposure)
We stayed till the end - I got my autograph and have one regret. I was close enough to him to give him my pen and program to sign...I wanted to give him a kiss - why didn't I kiss him! Ugh...we made eye contact and I was speechless!! He is gorgeous!! :)  I have been known to have crushes on celebrities and John Davidson was, and is no exception, even today. :) He lives next door in Lenox, MA in the Berkshires. About a 2.5 hour drive. Will we meet again? He is still doing shows locally. If so, I won't leave without my kiss!! :) 
He's five years older than myself...and now our hair is grey (mine not as much) and so I am posting a couple of "now" photos of John. Still handsome - I hope we do meet again...till then, I still have his music to enjoy! Thank you for being in the world in my lifetime. :)
John Davidson performs at the Passim in Cambridge, MA
I think this was taken when he was living in Mexico. Still handsome...same dimples...what a smile! :)

Friday, March 9, 2018

My Old Tennessee Driver's License

A Miracle!
I lived in Tennessee for 3 years and when we left to come back home to RI I had to turn in my driver's license. I hated to do it because it was the best picture ever taken of me but had to let it go.  : (  One day at home in RI it came back to me in an envelope. Apparently someone found it on the floor of a Post Office and was mailed to me! 
Happy Day!! :)
I guess when you want something bad enough it finds its way back to you. :)
Lesson...keep the faith - Miracles happen! :) 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Super Bomb "Riley" Paid Us a Visit

No picture - just thought I'd write what my "now" is...and has been all day.  Super bomb, "Riley" paid us a visit today and is still blowing and letting his presence known, but the rain has turned white and will coat the grass but we should escape any accumulating snow. Times and weather...they are a changing! You can't expect your beach house to still be there anymore  after a hurricane, which today's storm pretty much was. For some, anyway. Nantucket Island off the MA coast had 90 pmh winds...2 people were killed by fallen trees...semi-trucks overturned on the Newport Bridge and others...they had to ban all buses and trucks...seems to be as bad or worse than predicted. I am inland in RI and we got the lesser winds but loud enough to bang the awning against my bedroom and kind of scared my "Dolly" cat. : (  It's bolted to the house and stays up all the time. Big wind really bangs it against my bedroom wall! The worst is over...the wind made me shut off my PC 3 times from power surges - it constantly would beep in one long beeeeeeeeeeeep! 
Now...Hawaii Five-O is on but not that interested. Tonight, MacGyver was better. Maybe I'll write here more since this blog is called, "A Glimpse of Now." What better place, really to write about what's going on now? 
Hopefully for the rest of March winter is over. May have a rain/snow mix Wednesday, but nothing but cloudy days in the next week and in the 40's, so not much to complain about. They call March a transitional month for weather and a change of seasons...when you think you're done with winter it seems to let you know that it's not quite over yet. Anyway, weather is extreme in the times we are living's storm was an extreme example. And not the first - we went through "Super Storm Sandy" which was an extreme storm - it was huge and we lost power for 3 days.  Luckily it was not during winter. Time to close...I'm getting tired of my own voice. And getting tired, period, and will sign off until I am once again in the mood to find some enjoyment in writing to myself or to anyone who may be reading this besides me. 
So, Nancy...out!
(Got that from Seacrest!)