Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Celebrating My Birthday Week With Personal Celebrity Cameos/Videos

 American Idol & Broadway's Rock of Ages
I followed Constantine on Idol years ago and was a front runner and favorite!

John Davidson
Singer, Actor, TV Host
A favorite for decades so I had to include him in my birthday celebration this week even though he doesn't remember the gifts I gave him at his show last September! This birthday song gets better every time I play the video! :) 

Carson Kressley
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
Carson is all over television and a clothes icon! 
He has the best and bubbliest personality so I wanted to include him for my birthday week!

Ben Flajnik
The Bachelor
I confess, I have been watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for several years just for fun and Ben was "The Bachelor" years ago. Looking through Cameo personalities, I came across his picture, recognized him as one of the "nice guys," and so included him in my birthday week's celebration. We both have love and compassion for animals, too! :)

Jonathan Mangum
"Let's Make a Deal"
Wow! This is crazy!! I was just walked through the halls and got a view of the Let's Make a Deal studio by Jonathan!! What a great guy to do that for me as part of my Happy Birthday week celebration! This is truly the most unique birthday ever connecting with these fine people who mean something to me - even if it is on TV. When you watch someone often enough you feel like you know them, anyway, so why not invite them to help celebrate my special day? :) 

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Queen Live at LIVE AID Side By Side with Rami Malek/Bohemian Rhapsody [F...

The best of both worlds, right here!

Succulent Memory

Just the latest image of the succulent between the garage doors - our prettiest flowering plant this year! :) So pretty with more buds to open - I still haven't asked the owner of the garden center what it's called...

Friday, July 19, 2019

A Postcard Every Day

What a great idea this is!
I'm not a traveler, by choice, 
but if I were, I would do this!  :) 
( I could do postcards from town-to town! )

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

White October Moon

(painting by Deanna Daffodil Williams)
(vision and description by Nancy Stokes Shewchuk)

Two months ago I awoke from a dream that became a vision.  I knew I wanted to remember it so I drew a rough sketch.  I love Deanna's art and so even though I also paint, I don't paint in her style which I like and have two other paintings by her.  So I sent her my sketch and description of my vision and asked her to paint my vision knowing it had to become part of something bigger. 

Today I received this image so I could use it on my blog or maybe a website - or maybe I'll just hang the painting and admire it as it keeps company with the Angel and Madonna paintings I purchased from Deanna.  So for now, I am posting it here because it should be seen by vision...painted by Deanna Daffodil Williams.  

What this collaboration has given me is the motivation to start painting again. :)  I have ideas but I lose motivation at times - this time I am ready to paint my own visions for the simple reason that they are mine. :)  Maybe this is a "steppingstone" to get busy - paint my paintings - and create a vehicle where they can be offered to view or purchase. 

Check back here on my blog for further details and updates - I have work to do!  :)

written by
 Nancy Stokes Shewchuk

- Look for Artist on facebook -
Deanna Daffodil's Happy Art

Monday, July 8, 2019

USA Wins World Cup - Back-to Back

What an exciting game for USA's back-to-back WIN in France! Thank you - I'm proud to be an American! You deserve to be on equal pay as men!

Friday, July 5, 2019

My Favorite Is "Succulent"

This Blooming Succulent is my favorite potted flower we got this year! It doesn't need to be watered every day when the sun is beating down on us - the petunias and other flowers need water almost every day if we don't get rain, so next year I'm getting all succulents and maybe cactus! :) This comes in red and white besides the pink, but I love the pink the most - it's my favorite color!! :)  

That Is Your Power

The Really Important Things

Monday, July 1, 2019

Thank You London, MLB, Red Sox & Yankees

Thank you London, MLB, Yankees & Red Sox and especially to the fans who filled London Stadium Saturday and Sunday with 120,000 people! It was the best weekend of baseball ever! Even though we lost both games to the Yankees, they were able to score more runs and is why they are #1 in the league. We played pretty well, and any team who can score 13 runs as we did is no slouch! A 17 - 13 final is unheard of and so the fans saw an unusual game 1 - it was a show I'll always remember!

The biggest rivalry in baseball made history Saturday & Sunday in London! 
Well done! 
GO SOX!  :)