Friday, March 27, 2020


You know when the time has come to let go, walk away, say good-bye. 
That happened for me this morning
and I am free and looking forward to learning from these mistakes. 
Yay!  :)

"I Found the Good in Good-Bye!"

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Sitting On The Fence - Sometimes Alone is Better

This is my safe place even though everyone in the world can read what I write and express, I am alone and this is my blog and this is where I come to sometimes vent and where I come to think out loud about my mistakes - repeating mistakes that obviously I haven't learned from, or maybe now I have, except I'm not sure how to move - stay put or get out - that's what I'm doing here right now.  Thinking about the best way to handle an uncomfortable situation and what do I really want to do. 
Looking for images for this post I found one with a saying: "If you sit on the fence too long it will start hurting you." 
That gave me the feeling that it's probably true and I shouldn't wait too long before I make a decision, and maybe that decision will lead to other decisions and that will be the end of my dilemma.
Have you ever joined a FB group and then after seeing what's going on and how much ego and competition is there with many wanting to be noticed you don't know if you belong?  Many are musicians, artists, writers wanting to share but what happens when you share what you do?  Everyone wants their form of creativity to be seen, heard, read, and then loved or liked and want comments. Then if your music or art or poem is passed by or not listened to or no comments are get disappointed and wonder why you joined this group in the first place.
 I have my own website where anyone can read my writings of all kinds: Poetry - Automatic Writing - Inspirational Writing - Song Lyrics and more.
I don't need to join a group where I can post my writings. It's already out there and I can share my links on my FB page anytime I want. And I do.
"Serpentine Crossing"
My paintings can be seen on my website:
Oils by Nancy
They are not for sale but they are for your viewing pleasure and reading pleasure as I have written a message given to me directly from the essence of the Spirit of each painting and can be read in the 
Spirit Art category.

So, I don't need a group to display my art and hope for comments and likes only to be disappointed if I don't get what I expect.  It's really sad and kind of stupid. The other thing is that you can get noticed by some who want to "friend" you.  But...I have learned quickly that they only want to keep you talking and commenting after viewing and listening and reading what they post!  They don't go to my personal page where I have my personal friends and connect there.  So why not just connect within the group and not "friend?"  Then there are those who "friend" you first and then invite you to a group to share all I have written about above.  That's when it gets weird.  How many of us on FB have friends that never go to your page?  I can count my loyal friends on one hand.  I keep posting on my page because I enjoy it. I am now starting to avoid reacting and commenting to those friends that are a "one way street." I don't think it's fair. So because it's one-sided I am stopping some interactions. Friends are give and take...they communicate.  People are strange and odd and sometimes I just want to be the "observer."  
I'll figure it out. It all depends how people make me feel. It always boils down to people! 
"Sometimes Alone is Better"

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Wottonunderedge - poetry by James Stokes


Sinwell is a suburb fair 
Of ancient Wottonunderedge town;
The Cotswold hills high in the air,
Like towers of majesty look down.

On January 2nd, in fifty five,
I first beheld the light of day;
Since then each day have had to strive,
In traveling life's uneven way.

A town in which her sons take pride,
Now old in years though small in size;
With hills and vales much beautified, 
Whichever way you turn your eyes.

Some residents of far off days, 
Are held in veneration still;
One led his flock in prayer and praise,
The famous preacher Rowland Hill.

Sir Isaac Pitman came to live,
And practiced here the Golden Rule;
Gave of the best he had to give,
And founded here a shorthand school.

And others of that far off day,
Of whose good deeds the records tell;
Suffice it now for us to say,
They served their generation well.

Two miles away stands Nibby knoll,
Above the lovely Berkeley vales; 
Across the Severn without toll,
Are seen the mountains of old Wales.

Upon that knoll securely stand,
The William Tyndale monument;
Who died for God and native land,
Translator of the Testament.

For God and Truth and native land,
For righteousness he always stood;
In life he made a noble stand,
And sealed devotion with his blood.

Many years have passed away,
Since I left my native town;
But I can most truly say,
"She has a beauty all her own."

To many places I have been,
Some large some small, some far and near;
Among them all I have not seen,
One place to me one half so dear.

More than forty years ago 
from home and friends I part,
And all these years I've carried them
engraved upon my heart;
In fancy to her vales I stray or climb her lofty ledge,
And still I say, give me I pray,
my Wottonunderedge.

- James Stokes
Bridgeton, RI
January 22, 1914

James Stokes was my great-grandfather.  He was a Christian and Spiritual man. I never met him but feel he is part of me as we both needed to write poetry and express ourselves via the written word.
He came from England with his family to the USA for a better life. He and the Stokes family is buried only a mile away from home - the same small town in northwest RI as I have lived for 30 years. 
His blood runs in mine...I am Blessed.

Friday, March 20, 2020

No Longer a Patriot

Hard to say, "Good Bye" to Tom Brady, QB for our New England Patriots football team.  As of today he is now a Tampa Bay (Florida) Buccaneer!  He signed a 2-year contract.  As much as we'll miss him we wish him well in his new home.  I hope we can see a lot of his games as we are very excited for him and he will live in our hearts forever!  He will always be the "GOAT" (greatest of all time)!  His 20 years with the PATS sealed his career...his new journey with Tampa is what will make him happy - happier than he was last year with NE.  I am also proud to say that Tom and I share the same birth date - day and month, only. :) 
God Bless, Tom, we love you!  <3