Friday, June 24, 2011

Moving Three Lights Sanctuary

Due to zero business at Pinewood Park and my landlord wanting my unit for his friends who want to downsize, calling me twice to tell me he wanted a year commitment if I wanted to stay, I decided I wouldn't be happy there any longer. Tom and I drove to N. Scituate Village to see if there were any places for rent but there were none. On the way home Tom noticed a For Rent sign smack in the middle of Chepachet Village in a duplex 3 doors away from Brown and Hopkins Country Store! There has been a sign out front for a year that was for a gutter company, so we, and I'm sure everyone else, thought that side was occupied. I called immediately to find that the unit he wanted to rent was for an apartment on the other side. But since he asked what I wanted to rent, he was interested. We met the next day, and I am now moving out of Pinewood Park and back onto the Main St. where all the walk-in traffic, and traffic period, is.

It's small but perfect for me. A small room and good size second room. The floors are beautiful large wood planks, walls are half wainscoting and half freshly painted sheet rock in off-white. All window & door casings are beautiful wood, carved w/medallions in the corners. The front door is dark red, house is grey w/white trim, and a covered porch. The door has square panes and sidelights w/square panes. There is a sink and counter with glass door china cabinet in the second room w/small refrigerator, which I need for water and anything else I want to keep cold. A small bathroom off the front room, but it serves the purpose. Built-in shelves in the front room and a variety of closets and cubbyholes! It's going to be fun getting set up! I plan to open Aug. 4th. I put signs in the windows at both places this morning to get people used to what's coming in! The Ancient & Horribles Parade the 4th of July in Chepachet Village will bring hundreds to town, so hopefully they'll see my sign. Now working on getting a sign made to hang near the road from an existing post.

I ordered new business cards yesterday with a couple of tee-shirts with new logo...think that's a good idea...wearing shirts with my logo...then all I have to get ready are my jeans of different colors.

Things are looking positive right now...Happy Days!

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