Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Princess Sassy Pants

 It's a Princess Sassy Pants Kind of Day!

 She is so Wise...

Thank you to the Princess for her wise words...
and we love Pup, too! 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Today's "Quick Pics" - (Tuesday)


Some pics that I would post on FB
if I were posting there here.
I love this....
I am a cat lover so you will see images
of cats and other animals here.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey: A Mystical Spring

I have loved listening to Caroline Myss for years...decades! I have many books and CD series' and have been taking her webinars. (sigh) But I have been noticing some differences that I'm not too happy with lately. 
First, her webinars are very repetitious. She tells the same stories that I can tell myself easily! :) Although we have a lot in common, meaning that I agree with much of what she teaches, nothing is fresh and new anymore. 
I also notice that she's bashing Christianity and is taking us into Buddhism which she admitted was where "she is" right now, even though she keeps with some of her Catholic traditions and just released her book on PRAYERS.
I started to dislike that during every webinar she tells us that we're all going to die. Well, we all know that so why does she keep repeating it? 
Now she is doing a few series this Spring - hers is the last and 3rd, and this guy, Andrew Harvey...I don't know what to think. What's he wearing? I love his bejeweled rings...but the feeling I got was that a lot of these authors and supposedly spiritual and mystical thinkers and practitioners are riding the bandwagon necessary to make a living...with our continuous support and money! He sits there looking like some kind of saint and then looking at Caroline while he's talking, she wants to jump back in and it was obvious to me that she does better when she's alone.
 Have you ever noticed that people who offer this spiritual/mystical stuff are very competitive? Now I am seeing things differently. Why am I reading Caroline's prayers? Or anyone's prayers when I can write, recite, and think my own prayers? Why should I seek enlightenment from all of these spiritual writers/thinkers? How do I know that their beliefs are words of truth. Their truth, yes, but THE truth? No one knows. 
My final thought - I'm disappointed and am not taking any of her Spring webinars. They're time consuming, and she is still repeating the same stuff she has already taught. I'm going to speak to my God in my own time and place and way. My soul knows my truth. I know when something "rings true" and what doesn't. I listen to my self now. My intuition will never take me in the wrong direction. I don't need any of these people telling me what to think and believe. Where's the proof? What I will do is continue to buy books that interest and call to me. Maybe in the future I'll be more selective and listen to a webinar now and then, but am not going to be the faithful follower anymore. I need to follow my own heart and soul. It'll keep me on the right path to God that all of us are seeking. Maybe all paths will lead to the same place...God, but I know now that it's my journey and I like what I believe and I like some tradition in my spiritual life. 
That's all...look at this video where Caroline is introducing us to this man...shaking my head, I know he's not someone I'm interested in following. She's unfortunately starting to impose her Buddhist friends on us. That's okay, but it's not for me. I am tired of her telling us that this life is an illusion! That line I have heard enough of way back when - now she's adopted this thinking. 
Disappointed Nancy...out...for this time.

Happy Monday - a few changes due to Facebook

I'll be posting things here that I would have posted on my FB page, but I am getting away from FB as people are so different that it's impossible to speak my truth all the time without offending some friends, so I'm half-way shutting it down. I'll be choosy with things I do post there. So, my blog may look a bit different, but not too different. And I like that I can post here and share to my FB pages. All is well.


Plant Your Own Garden


Sunday, March 28, 2021

John Davidson’s newsletter March 2021 - Announcing Club Sandwich!

John Davidson - A Man with a Plan!
He is not giving in to retirement. He's come up with a way to offer what he lives for. He's an entertainer and lives to sing and play his guitar for people! 
When I saw him in 2018 five miles from my house, he kissed me and told me I'd see him again! Well, never say never, but not likely unless I want to drive three hours one way. There's still a pandemic out there and there are no guarantees where one can use a restroom along the way, and it has to be sanitized...not a fun picture I'm painting. But I'm happy for John for following his purpose in life and not giving up but finding a way to do what he loves. 

Monday, March 22, 2021

The Sunflower & The Crow


This wooden plaque is from the red barn shed in the back yard - it needed a face lift so I gave it one yesterday! 
I used my acrylic paint - that's all I had, and I experimented with gold and silver metallic colors. I sealed it today and is almost ready to hang back outside.  I hope the resident crows approve.  Maybe they'll want a makeover when they see how pretty and shiny "baby crow" is!  :) 
I'm pleasantly surprised how the gold showed through as it photographed and looked so silvery light inside! The sun is a miracle-maker.  :)

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Olivia Newton-John, Chloe Lattanzi - Window In The Wall

It's no secret that Olivia is and always has been my favorite female vocalist. This is a beautiful song and her daughter sounds just like her mom. She always brings tears to my eyes - that's love. <3 I have seen Olivia at Foxwoods 3 times....always exciting!

Hello Spring


Thursday, March 18, 2021

Footprints - Coming and Going

I was talking to the Universe yesterday, as I do all the time wanting answers to questions and asking for Wisdom, and this was the response I received.

"Footprints - coming and going,

Do they leave a smile on your face...both ways?"

At first my mind went to a place and I had my answer to this question, but not so fast. I started to think about things like, whose footprints are they and are they the same person coming and going? There are numerous scenarios and different feelings to consider before answering this honestly. 

The truth is, it just "depends." 

You can be happy to see someone coming to visit and also be happy to see them leave. The same happiness may be that you love that person and they always make you smile, and maybe you smiled when they left because you knew you would see them again soon. That you had such a good time that when they left, your smile lasted a long while.

Or, what if you kept a smile on your face for the first few minutes of their visit, but things became awkward or disagreeable and when they left there was no smile and you were in fact, glad that the person left. 

What if you were watching a good movie and got into your pj's early for the occasion? You weren't happy to see anyone at that moment the knock on the door came. It didn't matter who it just wanted to be cozy comfy and alone...with your cat!

There is no right or wrong answer to this question posed to me when I asked the Universe for a tidbit of Wisdom. It really became a head-scratcher when I started coming up with so many scenarios.

This is a great example of how to get in touch with how you really feel about making decisions about different situations that come up in life. Ask this question and apply your answers the next time you want to really know how you feel about something. 

I can't wait to hear more from the Universe - 

She is so wise!  :)

Saturday, March 13, 2021

"Celestial Reflection" - Egyptian Cat's Eye" Painted Stone

"Celestial Reflection" - Front
2 and 1/2" x 2"
Done in acrylics with palette knife for texture and
comes with its own cloth pouch.
Both stones are available for purchase.
Check out the entire post on my blog:  

Contact Nancy for details and questions:

Thursday, March 11, 2021

New - "Egyptian Cat's Eye" Painted Stone

 NEW - "Egyptian Cat's Eye" painted stone

Front - gold painted with palette knife for rough texture while Back is left smooth.
~ Pictured Below ~
"Egyptian Cat's Eye"  among plain gold painted stones waiting for their eyes!  And a few "White City Stones" showing front and back views.

Each stone comes in its own cloth pouch.
To view more on this go to my other Blogger Page:
Painted Stones by Nancy
Any questions or interest in purchasing, contact Nancy at:

Monday, March 8, 2021

Remembering Jack Goodman


(painting by Nancy Shewchuk)

 Longtime friend who will be sorely missed.

Jack was a cattleman - his prize bull
Jack had a book of poetry published that I had the pleasure of offering through my art and gift shop years ago. It is a treasure!
Jack Goodman - Poet
April 9, 1937 - February 23, 2021
Jack's spirit lives on.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Just Enjoy the Show

I have a daily routine - feeding the birds and other "wild ones" who are hungry and want to eat. 
I throw the peanuts over the rail first and then spread the seeds and other nuts onto the deck table. Today I went back inside and before I could pull out my chair to sit and watch the show, over a dozen jays were already coming in for a landing! 
It was amazing to watch and looked like a mass of jet planes were flying in from every direction coming in for landing...but on the same runway with no air traffic controller on the job! 
They were banking to avoid crashing into one another and the house (airport)! It really is quite entertaining and so I sit without waiting for the show to begin...and enjoy!  :)