Sunday, September 26, 2021

Simply Fall

 Yesterday was the day we went for a ride to our local farm stand where we get the best freshly picked corn and veggies throughout the summer. They also grow pumpkins and mums and so while we were there we got a few "fall" additions for the front yard adorning our two gargoyle benches. It's a short season so we don't do very much with decorations. 

When the leaves turn color in another two weeks they will create a pretty frame for the season's gifts.

My chariot (golf cart) awaits!
Turkeys were eating and wandered to the side of the yard when I got too close. I rode around the yard to take pictures of the new fall additions. I'll revisit the mums when they open up.

In my travels I came upon some mushrooms by the stump next to the driveway near the road. The turkeys were digging the grass and disturbed them.

Happy Autumn - Happy Fall