Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Rick Nelson Never Be Anyone Else But You Live 1983

This song plays on a Campbell's Chicken Soup commercial lately, so it brought back memories and how much I love this song, so here it is! 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Meet Snowflake


Double Knock Out Rose Bushes & Snowflake
line one side of one of our two pet cemeteries. 
I painted him - now nice and clean and shiny!
Unfortunately we're in a severe drought and our yard looks like a desert. Next Spring we'll plant bushes along the outside edge of the other
pet cemetery.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Spirit of the Tree

 "The Spirit of the Tree"

5 z 7 acrylic on panel cradled in birch

This is one of those paintings that started out to be one thing and turned out to be something else.  :) 
You can see my new art on my other blog:  
Paintings by Nancy

Ruth Bader Ginsburg in her own words

Monday, September 21, 2020

Happy 53rd Birthday Matt & Gunnar Nelson

 Here are some pictures I took at Matt & Gunnar Nelson's Birthday Bash I attended...virtually on Sunday!  It was great!  They sang songs from their CD and some of their dad's, the great Rick Nelson, and a treat with a taste of their upcoming album, First Born Sons.  They read some email shout-outs and told stories from their life with their dad and where they are going from here.  I'm so glad I was part of their celebration. 

The celebration was held at Gunnar's studio in Nashville, TN.  
Gunnar & Matt close up & personal
Matt is the oldest being born 1/2 an hour before Gunnar!
 I could have watched them for another hour, but they said they'll be doing these virtual shows again.
You can keep up with them on FB under: 
Nelson Band.  
They are wonderfully talented and compassionate brothers who came from a fantastic family most of us grew up knowing and watching! 
Aw...a brotherly birthday hug! <3
PS - I had Cameos done by each of them last year and posted them on my website along with several others to share with anyone who might find them entertaining. :) I highly recommend requesting one for yourself or as a gift - a shout-out for a birthday or anniversary or other special occasion or for no other reason than a treat or pick-me-up! 
My website is:
(click on the Cameos button)

Best of Both Football Worlds


Tom Brady ( TB12)
New England Patriots
Now with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We certainly were side-by-side with Tom Brady and the PATS throughout his 20 year football career, and now we have a 2nd football team to root for as TB12 may have left NE but has not left out hearts! 
With his new team in Tampa Bay, FL we are following his continued career with as much pride! With no practice games before the season began, they stand 1-1, which is really great under the circumstances. We believe the team will come together as they have more time to practice and play and learn and get used to each other.  It is looking like the networks are going to air not only our PATS games but will air the Tampa games because they know all NE fans are watching Brady very closely. He did what he wanted to do and had his reasons - he seems to be well appreciated in Tampa Bay by his coaches and players and no one can ask for more than be appreciated. 
The best of both lucky are we to be able to enjoy and cheer for two home football teams! :) 

John Davidson’s September 2020 Newsletter

This is John's most interesting and humbling newsletter so far. This is his boat back in the day where he recounts many adventures on "her."  Then he talks about a new idea he has for next June - he wants his own club in his town of Sandwich, NH...get it?  Club Sandwich? :)  He wants to get a show together and open it up to local talent...he's just like everyone else who is still looking for their purpose and what do we really want to do with whatever time we have left in this uncertain world.  Enjoy!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Art and Panted Stones by Nancy on Blogger

 I have 2 blogs on Blogger for my art - 1 for paintings:

Paintings by Nancy

and 1 for my stones:

Painted Stones by Nancy

If you see anything here that you like or have questions let me know.
Leave a message here or email me:

I am also on Facebook under:
Art and Painted Stones by Nancy, but everything you need to see and know will be more concise here.

I'll be posting paintings and painted stones on their respective blog as they become available for purchase. I will ship throughout the USA.

I wanted to let everyone who visits this blog to know that I'm painting and where you can see my art.

The painting above is, "Flowers in Porcelain Vase" and is an 8 x 10 on wood panel cradled in birch and done in acrylics with palette knife. 

I Believe


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Mackerel Sky

"Mackerel Sky - No Twenty-Four Hours Dry"

I've never seen such a congested Mackerel Sky as this one, but don't think rain is expected tomorrow? 
We shall see.