Friday, July 27, 2012

London 2012

Looking forward to watching the opening ceremonies tonight!
"Let The Games Begin!"
Good Luck Team USA!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fujifilm Instax 210

Well, for anyone visiting here I will write as if you're reading and catch up on things. If no one is here, I'll talk to myself for a while.
Since digital things are not for me - I don't see why I have to take lessons to operate a camera when I used to be a pet photographer using an RB67 Mamiya portrait camera and did very well! So I was thrilled when I saw that instant cameras were back, or still here. I just received my Fujifilm Instax 210 instant camera yesterday and it's easy to use and I can see my pictures right away, scan, and post. The quality isn't there like in digital photos, but it's good enough for my purposes, until I want to take pictures of my paintings to put on my web site, but they are coming out with a digital instant camera in August, so...maybe. The picture I'm posting here is my "Chloe." Taken with my new Instax. Not bad...he's beautiful. :)
The other photo, if it'll post, is of the picnic table with plant...just to see the color quality which is great...but lightens through scanning.
In other news, I am finished moving out of Pascoag Main St. with Three Lights Sanctuary and am through with retail. I have moved to a quiet place that is my own and using it for a private art studio. It is also complete and anytime I'm ready to paint, all I need is there. I am not opening it to the public. I will, however, invite people if I care to for a friendly visit, or if I am able to make an encounter with an art rep, that would be nice. So I'll be looking for other places to offer my paintings like consignment shops and antique shops.
This transition went smoothly and everything fell into place quickly, so I am pleased. I will be taking photos with my new "toy" maybe tomorrow and will post some here and on Facebook. Which reminds me, I was hacked, again, on Twitter, so I believe I am finished with that. I like FB and have a few good friends there - Twitter doesn't provide me with friends, so what's the point. If I want to write to no one who cares, I may as well cut the list of social networks down. : ) Makes sense to me!