Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Monday, April 19, 2021

Sunshine Wind


Sunshine Wind
"My heart lies on a rainbow
Above a river of gold,
Leading to a place behind the sun
Where young never turns old."
(copyright by Nancy Shewchuk)

I am combining my painting and writing using symbols from my poetry, lyrics, journals, etc. and then creating a painting like this first of many which I can then put into book form. 

More details on my sister blog here on Blogger:
Paintings by Nancy

Friday, April 16, 2021

Freaky Mid-April Snowfall


Mid-April in New England!
Pretty but...really?
Crow venturing across the snowy ground 
to partake of the morning's food.

A view of the birdbath looking out the
front window of the small bedroom.
View of back yard from my bedroom window
where I paint - I share my art table
with my tray of succulents and our 
2020 poinsettia - my friends.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

My Art Available on Imagekind



My art is available on printed in several formats such as canvas, framed, simple prints, and more. 

Night Bloom

Links to visit my art on Imagekind and a "storefront" - both offer the same art.

Pink Lady

Also take a look at my website:
Oils by Nancy
And on my pages here on Blogger:
Paintings by Nancy
Painted Stones by Nancy
and on FB - Art and Painted Stones by Nancy

 View my art in different categories and also read messages I have written from the essence of my paintings spirit.
"Every Painting Has Something to Say"

Check my "Spirit Art" category - click on the image and you will see the message received. You will also find links to Imagekind that will bring you directly to my page and storefront.
Have fun and enjoy!

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Rufus Wainwright - Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk - Late Night Concert Anew

To follow up on Rufus LIVE at The NY Winery -
He sang "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" during his early show in yesterday's post so here it is! :)
Below are a few pictures from his late show last night...same old wild and fun Rufus...anything goes!  :)

With his sister, Lucy, and his father, Lauden who sang a Happy Birthday song to his girlfriend, Susan.

It was a fun virtual concert by Rufus and I'm glad I'm a supporter and big fan of his and thrilled I got to see him LIVE at UCONN several years ago. Nice to see him again in a setting he's comfortable with...perfect, really. 
Thank you, Rufus...till we meet again! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah (Live At The Fillmore) and Rufus Anew

~ Rufus Wainwright Then and Now ~
This is how I was introduced to Rufus Wainwright. I fell in love with his voice and this song. I watched this video over and over. Something happened not long after. I found that he was coming to UCONN  (University of Connecticut one hour from my house) so how could I not get tickets to see him? I got tickets and we did go to see him. It was thrilling!
The Jorgensen Theater at UCONN

And this is Rufus during last night's LIVE virtual concert at NY Winery in NYC. Quite a difference with all that facial hair, but he hasn't skipped a beat with his voice! He sounds exactly the same as 8 years ago.
He was singing "Hallelujah" as his curtain call!
Before that, he saved his most popular song and my personal favorite, "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk!" :) The crowd (people there because it was somewhat sparse) went'd have to know his songs to be excited, but I was...the last 2 songs really made the concert and the night!

His hands are amazing - he plays with his eyes closed most of the time! :) Very talented.

He introduced a guest, Joan W. I apologize, he didn't pronounce her last name well enough for me to write it down, but it sounded like (Waston?)
He's very good with the guitar, too, and sang several songs playing at the mike.

This was so worth paying $35 for...he performed for 90 minutes but that was show #1.  The price includes tonight's late show with newer material...can't beat that! Can't wait! It was special to see and hear him sing again after all these years. 
Thank you, Rufus, see you tonight!