Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed needs from me something, but I am not at all sure what. He came to me when dad was dying and I went to the phone at the hospital to call an aunt because I heard that he was doing better and was full of hope. As I picked up the phone to place the call, I heard my mother's voice say the words, "Johnny Appleseed." It was her voice and she was deceased. She was giving me notice that she was aware what was happening. And my dad did pass away the next morning.

I will always remember that moment...there had been mention of "Johnny Appleseed" between my mother and I, and was also related to my father. Now what am I to do with this information that, in a joyful unfinished business sort of way, I feel it necessary to pursue, but what am I pursuing?

I should do some research. "Johnny Appleseed" lived where my husband works, in Leominster, MA. (or so the tale goes) They have "Johnny Appleseed" this 'n that up there. Maybe it's time to take a ride and see the area for myself.

It's too late to plant apple trees. Should I sell apple seeds? I remember loving the tale about him when I was a kid...but there is something hidden in this matter and I want to seek the answer out. I see a picture in my mind of him walking away from me wearing that pot on his head as if it were a ball cap! Good old "Johnny Appleseed." :) What do you want from me?

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