Sunday, August 22, 2021

Tropical Storm Henri


This is, "Thing," our resident groundhog this morning as TS Henri was approaching us in RI. We put out seeds as usual because the jays and squirrels, and "Thing" were around, so before it got bad we fed everybody.
Even the Weather Channel thought Henri was moving directly through RI from south to north after moving directly over Block Island. To everyone's surprise, Henri decided to stay over water a little longer moving west and into CT where it's dropping a whole lot of water all the way into NY, NJ and PA!
We were very lucky. Henri took the scenic route but isn't done yet. He's going to move very slowly as he goes north into MA soon and taking a right turn he'll move above us before making his departure from land and back into the ocean on Tuesday! :)
All is well at our house!

Thursday, August 5, 2021

My Very Special Birthday


My Day - August 3rd
My Beautiful Birthday Flowers
My Beautiful & Delicious Birthday Cake
"This June" by Jeanie Tomanek
A Beautiful Piece of Art & Gift From My Husband
Michael Weatherly (Actor - NCIS & Bull)
A Birthday Cameo 
Charles Shaughnessy (Actor - The Nanny)
A Birthday Cameo
Jack Wagner (Actor - Melrose Place, GH & B&B, 
and Celebrity Tour Golfer)
A Birthday Cameo
Tim Mickelson (Caddy for and Brother of
PGA Tour Golfer, Phil Mickelson)
A Birthday Cameo

I treated myself to these four Cameos for my birthday this year as I did a couple of years ago by different celebrities. 
I decided to request something different from each - not just a birthday greeting, and they all complied. I was serenaded, I shared "I will's," and received some fun golf tips from pros! (they think I only had 3 golf clubs but I have a full set...I just told them I preferred three clubs.) I am more than thrilled to hear from Michael Weatherly, Very Special Agent, Tony DeNozzo, himself!  :) 

All my Cameos can be watched & listened to on my website:
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