Friday, September 21, 2018

John Davidson at The Harmony Lodge

His show last night was a dream come true!
It was the best night ever and he hasn't missed a beat!  It'll take time to get film developed but if I get anything good enough to post I'll do it when the time comes. Until then - John Davidson gave me everything I ever imagined! I hope he likes the gifts I created for him and his wife - it gave me great joy and he gave me one of his CD's he signed for me. What a guy!!! 
I gave John a few gifts when we met after his show and as a "thank you" he signed and gave me this CD of his. I already have all he had on a table to buy but was still happy to own another, especially an autographed one. :) That was before I offered my T-shirt to sign but he said he couldn't. :) I thought that was odd because he said he signs anything and anywhere, but I guess he has changed his view on that front. He stated he did on a You Tube video interview at a venue near Boston. I called him on it but he didn't say anything other that he couldn't. So this was what he signed and I am grateful for his generosity!
John likes to try new things and this picture is the real thing - he actually has sung on the streets in various places including San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where he lived for several years. You can find him singing at a central little park there on a You Tube video. When some of his ideas don't work he discontinues using them like the "inflatable dolls" he tried using as a gag and part of his show as his "back-up singers!" (hahaha) Truth! :) So he was without them for this show and is trying to figure out what people like and don't like. He tried to pull off a joke and song about being liberal and secular and bad mouthing the current administration without naming "his" name, but he didn't do his homework - if he had he would have known he was performing in a conservative, Republican, Christian town! :) RI may be a Democratic state but the towns differ from one to another. He noticed that was the only joke and song of the show that didn't work. Maybe next time he'll find out if his audience will appreciate it. :) One lady said she liked it...that was funny. Me...I don't mind. I was on the same page as most of it.
Edited below on October 31, 2018
Thank you, John, for everything you did Thursday night!! Except for snatching the CD out of my hands and tossing it on the table because I said, "I have this one." You unleashed your demons and a look came over your face I've never seen in my whole life! I didn't say I didn't want the CD...I said I had it like I had everything on that table you were selling. I bought all you had on your website and BAM - you turned my 50 year dream into a nightmare! This is the only place I'll mention's all true. How easy to erase someone's dream - I got what I wanted...a kiss and a hug....but what I didn't know was that he was going to take it all back and leave me with those grotesque images and memories immediately afterwards!!  Who does that? And who cancels Thanksgiving because he has political and religious differences with a family member?? Do yourself a favor, John, and stop telling that Thanksgiving story. I have also noticed that you have some things in common with Trump, so be hurt people. You don't care what you say, well good for you, everything that comes out of your mouth has consequences. I took back my support the way you took back the CD you signed...I got it back from the woman behind the table who was nice enough to hand it to me. He then moved on to the next one in line - all smiles. :) What a guy is right! 
A note to people who get crushes on celebrities - they may not be who you think they are within. If I were to send him another gift it would be a session with an "exorcist! "  As for the "fan cruise" he wants to made me laugh as images came to mind that if I were to go and we met again, he'd probably throw me overboard...if he could pick me up! :) I had to get all of this off my chest...I can't stop thinking about the look that changed his face physically - obviously he took what I said the wrong way. Seriously...that came from inside and I'm sure I wasn't the first and won't be the, Halloween 2018, is when I added this that I left out when I first posted. Now I am free from his demons never to be seen again in his eyes. I have never been so shocked and disappointed in my life! You need God in your life, John. I hope you stop hurting your family, fans, and others who think you're a great guy! That will be a truth when and if you change and stop saying and doing things that hurt others. Amen.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Meeting John Davidson - Now & Then

One More Day!
I've waited 50 years to see him again!
Below is a photo after his performance at the Warwick Musical Theater - got his autograph!
Tomorrow night is more intimate - small venue - the way he wants to perform now. He lives 2 states away so we may travel a little to see him again and again...why not? He's worth it! :) 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

John Davidson and Johnny Carson

I have autographed pictures from both these men! 
John Davidson, on left, sat in for Johnny Carson, on right, 80 times! When I was a teenager I was "star struck" and joined many fan clubs and asked for autographed pictures...I have a big album full of them all from these two to the cast of Bonanza; Shelly Fabres and Paul Peterson; I even have a handwritten letter from Dee Dee of Dick and Dee Dee who sang "Mountain High." So many I can't remember. The album is in a chest with a stuck door and I'll have to find a way to get in it someday soon to look at my album/scrapbook. Love those memories.  Anyway, a week from tonight I go to see John Davidson for the 2nd time in 50 years!! He's going to be only 6 miles from my house...dreams really do come true! I have gifts for him and a new camera on its way so I can have more picture memories along with the ones in my head and heart I hope to take away from the night. <3 One day after the film is developed maybe I'll share some new J.D. pics! :) 
Miracles Happen!