Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Fairies Are Here!

The Fairies are here!!!  :) 
Taken in my front yard yesterday.
I have learned that when I see mushrooms popping up in circles or other configurations, fairies are not far away!  :)  A few years ago I had "fairy rings" closer to the road in the front yard...perfect circles!  I can't find the pictures now, of course. 
There are 2 mushrooms you can't see well that make this look like a "check mark."  I posted this on FB today and had a friend ask questions about the connection of fairies with mushrooms and so I gave her a crash course!  :) 
I then proceeded to post images of fairies and mushrooms on my page - theme of the day and thought I'd extend it to my blog.
The fairies must be protecting their space...or maybe watching over the bunny that visits and lives in those and other bushes near the house. 
They know they are welcome here and seeing the mushrooms all around the yard makes me happy.  :) 

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