Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Another Bright Idea

This is just another one of those "talking to myself" posts. I had the bright idea this morning to start a You Tube Channel for another way to express myself and to share different things to whoever is watching. I figured I'd point the camera at a "thing" like a painting I did and then read the message that I wrote from the Spirit of the painting, which is a real thing. I have 35 paintings with messages I wrote in my sort of "automatic - free flowing - style of writing" done years ago. Or I could point the camera at a vase of flowers and a cup of coffee, you know, how FB users post organized pictures of all sorts of things. You just don't want a plain cup of coffee...that isn't interesting. You have to throw flower petals in the cup or pour bags of coffee beans everywhere...but you know what I'm getting at? 
Like this! Actually, I've had this picture for years - it's one of my favorites and I save all of my favorite pictures through the years because I may want to use them someday...like today! :) 
So, I thought about what I could do..maybe record things I write...maybe prayers...haiku...other poetry...whatever I want to share. I knew I wanted to take the focus off of myself. I don't need people looking at me talking...that's not interesting, so I thought, yes, point the camera at the "thing" I want to talk about and maybe have "Soundscapes" playing in the background. So, I went to You Tube and found a couple of videos about how to get started with a You Tube Channel. hahahahaha :) :) :)  How funny was that? Pretty funny - quite a joke, actually, for someone (me) who wants to "simplify!" 
I started taking notes and by the time I had half a page of notes I put my pen down and just listened for a few minutes and then turned the audio off and got off You Tube! :) Everything ends up being about "money!" Ugh, why is that? Numbers...it's about the number of subscribers to your channel...then the number of views you have to have in order to "apply" for something called "monitorzation!" (I may have spelled that wrong) That means You Tube has accepted you and you now may have ads on your videos that starts to make you money! There it is! But thinking about it, if I don't care about making money or how many views I get on any particular video, then I should just do it anyway for the fun of it. I'll go another route or just stay on my blog and Facebook and do what I want, which seems to be writing and sharing. Nothing in particular and nothing that's going to make me any money...just doing something for the sake of doing it because I enjoy doing it...this. :) 
It'll come to me...I may already be doing what I think I'm looking for. If I want more or something different, all I have to do is look into it and I'll either be interested if it seems like something doable, or I'll find, like this morning's bright idea, that it's more trouble than what I want to engage in. 
To take a partial line from Mary in Bohemian Rhapsody, 
"...it's enough!"

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