Tuesday, November 10, 2020

This Blog Is My New Facebook - Nov. 10th -Today's Posts

 I had so much trouble logging into Facebook yesterday that I am now using this blog as my Facebook. I have a daily ritual going through my favorite pages and posting and sharing posts that are beautiful, pretty, cute, and relevant. They include animals, flowers, landscapes, art, and more. Feel free to comment, if you like, that this will act like FB. I already know I'll feel better not dealing with the disruption there. Here I feel free and more at peace. Have a peaceful day, all, and enjoy!

Love this...
It used to be that opposites attract -
Now it's Like Attracts Like.
I post a lot of the very wise,
Princess Sassy Pants,
usually with the company of her, "Pup."
We love Princess Sassy Pants
I agree - especially these days.
Each day will be a lesson
and then life will get better
and all will be as it should be.
See you next time. :) 

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