Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Bunny & Pretty Red Bird


Pretty Red Bird is hiding behind the birdbath but wanting his turn at the bowl of food where Bunny is eating! :)
Pretty Red Bird sitting alone on the bowl of food! :)
Getting Closer!
Pretty Red Bird & Bunny sharing breakfast? :) 

Just a note:
We have been feeding the birds and squirrels and any "wild one" that passes through our yard or wants to live nearby and is looking for food.
The cardinals, affectionately called Pretty Red Bird, and the female, Mrs. Pretty Red Bird, have been living in the bushes where the birdbath is for years! Obviously we know they are cardinals, but we find joy in giving names to the different "wild ones" that eat here almost every day. We have jays, squirrels, one we call, "Little Red Squirrel," wild turkeys, chipmunks, and a groundhog we call, "Thing." :) I also fed a stray cat, Tabby Cat," for 4 years who unfortunately also caught a bird now and then which saddened me every time. He's gone now, struck by a car - he wasn't friendly enough for me to bring inside and so we have no cats around now.

Pretty Red bird likes to eat alone or with his mate...they also come around to the back deck table to eat there, too. My husband seems to enjoy taking pictures of the Birds & Bunny (and the others) so I like to post them here and on FB.  

Just an ordinary day at home...enjoy!

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