Monday, May 9, 2011

Tom's 3-Day Birthday Weekend

Hubby had a Happy 3-Day Birthday this weekend! Born May 7th, we celebrated Friday at Foxwoods playing some favorite slots. :) Tom wasn't lucky, but I had more success. We wanted to hit both casinos and visiting both in one afternoon is too much, so he took Friday off as a vacation day. Celebrated early with a Black Forest cake!

Saturday (birthday) morning he opened his gifts. I took pictures with my new digital camera but still haven't been to CVS to have anything of these days! He was happy with his new light jackets, shoes, and cords and jeans...card with scratch tickets - he won $10. We decided to go to Mohegan Sun Sunday and stay home Saturday because storms, possibly severe, were to develop in the afternoon, so we had a sports Saturday watching a baseball game, golf, and NASCAR at night.

Sunday we had breakfast and were on our way to Mohegan Sun. We stopped for muffins and coffee an Dunkin Donuts on the way to have a bit more on the tummy so we wouldn't get too hungry during the afternoon. Boy, it was slow and early there where we play. Had the whole row of machines to ourselves for awhile. I finally found 2 machines that started to pay and stuck with them the rest of the afternoon. Because the closest restrooms were closed for renovations and the next closest one was way to far away to keep walking to, we made our way to the high stakes room on the way out. That was kept us playing for quite awhile, but we left so we'd get home in time for Tom to get Chinese take-out. His favorite boneless chicken...and I had my favorite Buddha's Delight! Our Red Sox played both weekend afternoons and won! We watched a movie last night but I was tired....had a good night's sleep...overslept this morning but feel good and am glad all is back to normal, grocery shopping, errands, making supper, and TV at night...also having some new people powerwashing the house the end of the week getting it ready to paint.

It was a Happy and fun Birthday for Tom! :)

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