Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting Caught Up ~ On Vacation

Now...what's been going on? Since Easter...the Royal Wedding was beautiful! There were some tears...choking up at moments...remembering Diana's wedding...then her funeral in the same place...her sons walking the same footsteps where her casket rested. The wedding was perfect, her gown was perfect, his uniform was gorgeous, and they made a beautiful couple. Unlike his father, he is in love with his bride, the way marriage should be.

Moving on...Terrorist #1 has been killed by our troops...Special Ops...Navy Seals...the best in the the job done and rid the world of a large rat. Let's continue to rid the world of more rats that are looming in the wings for more opportunities to kill innocent people.

I am taking a vacation from Facebook. Just disabled my "wall" and left a message for friends there. I need some space...can't please everyone and I'm tired of dealing with so many personalities and don't want to have to worry about stepping on toes because people are sensitive to my words. So it's time to please just myself now. I'm going to stay in my pj's all day today and go about my business at home...won't answer the phone if it rings...I am tired of people right now.

I have already been through Hell trying to find a house painter! We need to have the front of the house painted, the back was done last fall and we didn't hear back from the painter about doing the front, so we called another painter. He didn't show up the 1st day he was to powerwash, I shut the house up so the cats wouldn't be frightened, and he was a "no show." He showed up the next day. Then I waited for him to finish powerwashing the following day and he didn't show up! I blew my top and had a conversation...I fired him! These contractors are so independent and inconsiderate that I thought about Tom and I painting the house ourselves, but there's too much work and heights we can't reach, so I called in answer to an ad in the Bargain Buyer and am meeting with a couple tomorrow about finishing the house. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will get the job done. Maybe dealing with a woman is the key. Ha...the kicker is that we got a late-night phone call from yet another painter that was to check out the job Monday who never called, so he thinks he's dropping by this the rain...because it's convenient for HIM! Think again...Tom is calling him today to tell him I am NOT available. We'll call him if we need him. So this and dealing with Facebook personalities (Europeans) is getting to me! So I disabled my wall and want some alone and my and my paper and and my home and animals...and I will have my house painted by the right person. I will not be a doormat for anyone...anymore.

On the positive side...well, making the decision to be alone is a positive...and I had my hair trimmed yesterday and it looks great! my hair on the right track again! :) And tomorrow I will wrap Tom's birthday presents for Saturday...and he's taking Friday off to take me to an appointment, then we're buying our flowers for the season. Saturday we're celebrating at Mohegan Sun...should be busy because the Kentucky Derby is on that afternoon! That means lots of play and jackpots!!! Looking forward to a good end of the week.

I am already enjoying my alone time. No one to one to leave the house one I have to talk to...until tomorrow, but after the house is painted, the new awnings up in a month, I can enjoy the rest of the summer cutting grass and watering flowers, and feeding birds and squirrels...and writing. I'm in the mood to write. I am also going to read...have several new books...and rearranged my Three Lights Sanctuary to suit myself. I have no signs in the windows...I am not opening to the public because they are not there. I'll be using my space for my paintings...and a place to write and paint or watch TV and have lunch...until I decide there's a reason to open to a public that may come around due to whatever may open in the old stove's still empty and for rent. It's a dead zone and has been for a year. And as for the case I'm renting in CT...I'm losing money there, too. There is little business so every one's suffering. I think May will be my last month there. If I want to lose money I'd rather lose it having fun at the casinos playing the slots!! This economy is crazy...I think it's time to let go of any idea of retail.

I think that is enough for now...I need to open up the basement and start feeding the cats. I may start a new blog...I'm thinking of doing some rhyming...maybe just some simple rhyming verse...whatever...who knows? We'll see.

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