Monday, September 21, 2020

Happy 53rd Birthday Matt & Gunnar Nelson

 Here are some pictures I took at Matt & Gunnar Nelson's Birthday Bash I attended...virtually on Sunday!  It was great!  They sang songs from their CD and some of their dad's, the great Rick Nelson, and a treat with a taste of their upcoming album, First Born Sons.  They read some email shout-outs and told stories from their life with their dad and where they are going from here.  I'm so glad I was part of their celebration. 

The celebration was held at Gunnar's studio in Nashville, TN.  
Gunnar & Matt close up & personal
Matt is the oldest being born 1/2 an hour before Gunnar!
 I could have watched them for another hour, but they said they'll be doing these virtual shows again.
You can keep up with them on FB under: 
Nelson Band.  
They are wonderfully talented and compassionate brothers who came from a fantastic family most of us grew up knowing and watching! 
Aw...a brotherly birthday hug! <3
PS - I had Cameos done by each of them last year and posted them on my website along with several others to share with anyone who might find them entertaining. :) I highly recommend requesting one for yourself or as a gift - a shout-out for a birthday or anniversary or other special occasion or for no other reason than a treat or pick-me-up! 
My website is:
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