Monday, September 21, 2020

Best of Both Football Worlds


Tom Brady ( TB12)
New England Patriots
Now with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We certainly were side-by-side with Tom Brady and the PATS throughout his 20 year football career, and now we have a 2nd football team to root for as TB12 may have left NE but has not left out hearts! 
With his new team in Tampa Bay, FL we are following his continued career with as much pride! With no practice games before the season began, they stand 1-1, which is really great under the circumstances. We believe the team will come together as they have more time to practice and play and learn and get used to each other.  It is looking like the networks are going to air not only our PATS games but will air the Tampa games because they know all NE fans are watching Brady very closely. He did what he wanted to do and had his reasons - he seems to be well appreciated in Tampa Bay by his coaches and players and no one can ask for more than be appreciated. 
The best of both lucky are we to be able to enjoy and cheer for two home football teams! :) 

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