Saturday, September 12, 2020

Art and Panted Stones by Nancy on Blogger

 I have 2 blogs on Blogger for my art - 1 for paintings:

Paintings by Nancy

and 1 for my stones:

Painted Stones by Nancy

If you see anything here that you like or have questions let me know.
Leave a message here or email me:

I am also on Facebook under:
Art and Painted Stones by Nancy, but everything you need to see and know will be more concise here.

I'll be posting paintings and painted stones on their respective blog as they become available for purchase. I will ship throughout the USA.

I wanted to let everyone who visits this blog to know that I'm painting and where you can see my art.

The painting above is, "Flowers in Porcelain Vase" and is an 8 x 10 on wood panel cradled in birch and done in acrylics with palette knife. 

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