Monday, July 5, 2021

Off the Hook



~ The Telephone ~

This is a double edged sword.
It can be the most helpful invention ever, and it can be the worst invention ever depending on the humans using it.  It's all about the voice - the mouth on the other end. Words...and how one takes what is being said.  Like any mouthpiece, the telephone can be used for good and bad.  Communication. We need to communicate with others to get through life. But everybody knows words can create loving feelings and they can create harmful ones...even abusive.

Lots of people have answering machines mostly to receive messages when they're not home or busy and not able to talk on the phone every minute of the day. I  am sick of answering the phone because of the dastardly "telemarketers!"  Oh, yes, and I don't answer anymore when it rings 2 and a half times because I have come to feel badly after I have a conversation with someone who leaves me feeling like I'm a teenager who needs a scolding because I said what I wanted to say under the circumstances. When a friend raises their voice in disagreement...there's no point to having a conversation.  And usually I can't speak because this one talks 98% of the length of the call.  Not to mention that I don't like being kept on the phone for half an hour to listen to what their neighbor's grown children do for a living!  Are you kidding me?  When they could be sharing what's happening in their own life and how they're feeling about things and about people I know.

I have sworn not to answer the phone several times but this time I mean it. I like to write letters and notes to friends.  Unfortunately, people can be abusive with the written word as well as through the spoken word, but back to the phone...I believe I can avoid future hurt and abuse and disappointment by letting the answering machine take the call - people are free to leave a timed message which I may or may not respond to.  I have calls where making appointments are necessary, and so I can't stay away from using the telephone altogether, but I can stay away from those who make me frown instead of smile. Life is short and getting shorter.  So if someone wants to leave a message and I want to respond, I will write a note because I am NOT having anymore conversations on the telephone anymore with those who leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth and sinking feeling in my solar plexus. I hate that feeling.  Sometimes it lasts all day or longer. 
I'm done with that. No good comes from being in friendships that cause that kind of grief. 

I have a CURE.

~ The Podcast ~

For people with a mouth that has to work all the time, this is a great invention - the Podcast!  :)
I actually like this idea and would like to have this setup in my small private space. But, I can foresee consequences dealing with the public.  This is why I like my blog.  I have no responses yet I have a nice following from people in countries around the world.  They keep coming back so I know people are reading what I post - some every day.  And I appreciate that. I don't know what they get from my posts but they come back so...I keep writing and posting.  Like this post, it came from my personal experiences.  These create the longest posts.  Anyway, back to my suggestion for the ones who have to talk constantly - the perfect outlet.  Use the subjects you like to talk about, but beware if used for gossip - better not name names! Otherwise it would probably come back to bite ya'.
Just think about it - you don't have to make individual calls and bother people who are busy with their life. No one will feel guilty not calling you back should they don't really like being kept on the phone or would rather write notes. You get the picture.  And when you have had your own business helping people with your wares and knowledge - my gosh...this would be perfect!  And if you have multiple subjects you want to talk about or maybe you want to have a show about your art skills or fashion skills or flower arranging could spend a good part of your days doing what you need to do...use your mouth.

That's all...hanging up now.  

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