Sunday, July 25, 2021

Fairies & Tree Spirits - Flowers & The Flowering


Feeling very close to "trees" today. 
I love trees and we planted two this spring and then went crazy planting flowering shrubs like roses, azaleas, peonies, rhododendron, and yesterday, hydrangeas. 
I love this one I took after planting the hydrangeas each side of our white peony. Our neighbor took down two trees and now we have sun and decided to give the peony some company! :) I love this because it looks like we're in the mid-west and expect to see a few horses running around next door! So lucky we have the privacy we love and are "prettying up" the back yard...finally...and enjoying what we have and the living things surrounding us. Trees abound! <3 
Our path to the front door.
My chair now taken over by my husband...he loves watching the "wild ones" eat near the birdbath just a few feet away from the sidewalk. He's gotten some beautiful pictures of the bunny, birds, and squirrels. 
I love this pic so much that I just made it my profile pic on FB. :) It's my chair...good enough! 

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