Sunday, January 17, 2021

Scammer from Nigeria...Get Lost!

 Yesterday someone tried to scam me out of my personal info on Facebook using an artist's page I "like."   Last year someone using Tom Brady's page and identity tried scamming me via messenger after I left a comment on Tom's page telling me I won a Free Gift.

Yesterday I was told I was friended by this artist and won a Free Prize and to confirm by registering...I think they also wanted my credit card info.  They even planted their/her profile pic in my friends area.  None of this felt right so I checked the artist's real page and sure enough, the one who contacted me via messenger was just another scammer like the one from Nigeria last year who added Tom's last name, Brady, to his own!! FB knows who he is. So do I!

So, someone from Nigeria appeared right here on my blog yesterday! The same day as the scam on FB!  So, if you, who has been on my blog recently, is the good for nothing scammer on FB - get lost! The world is already a you have to add to the misery? 

Go find something useful to do like feeding the starving. I will tell you one thing - I will never come close to falling for your tricks on FB again!  You've already been exposed, so...knock it off!

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