Sunday, October 13, 2019

Leaves are Turning - Columbus Day Weekend

It's Columbus Day Weekend here and the colors are starting to show, especially today with the sun out for the first time in 5 days!

Hungry deer are responsible for what the fire bush looks like now!  It hides the well behind it.  Hope we don't have "winter kill" because of it.  : (

Mama came with her 2 babies to  nibble at the front of the fire bush! Too bad the screen spoils the pic but I caught them in the act! :) They came to finish the job!!

October 14 ...and then there were four!
9 turkeys decided to pay a visit and eat what they could find yesterday. A squirrel found a way to get into the pic on the deck floor. :)
Some on the back fence, table, and under the pines. They're comfortable here. :) And they know where the food is! :) 

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