Friday, October 4, 2019

Celebrating World Animals Day

Celebrating all of the animals that brought me joy and shared their love all of my life.
 Sharing some photos and all of their names:
Suzie, Lucy, Shadow, Sissy, Chloe, Dolly, Toby, Smokey, Cookie, Mickey, Dusty, Misty, Billy, Angel, Scottie, Sunny, Jake, Cruz, Gaylord, Daffy, Panda, Panda ll, Mickey ll, Molly, Miss Kitty, Tabby Cat, Ewan, Gabriel, Olivia, Cocoa, Muffin, Raisin, Teddy.
 Through My Life
With Cocoa and Jake in Idaho, and with Panda, my first dog in RI.
Chloe & Dolly looking at a fly!
Dusty being Dusty :)
Cookie & Suzie
Smokey & Sissy
Toby with her "fab 4!"
Little Joe, Olivia, Ewan, Gabriel
Gabriel & Olivia
Mickey l
Shadow, Smokey, Sissy
Gabriel, Ewan, Olivia
Misty & Sunny
Sammy - (the last one still with us) 
I have many more special photos of my pets through the years - too many to post. Life isn't life without animals! 

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