Friday, March 2, 2018

Super Bomb "Riley" Paid Us a Visit

No picture - just thought I'd write what my "now" is...and has been all day.  Super bomb, "Riley" paid us a visit today and is still blowing and letting his presence known, but the rain has turned white and will coat the grass but we should escape any accumulating snow. Times and weather...they are a changing! You can't expect your beach house to still be there anymore  after a hurricane, which today's storm pretty much was. For some, anyway. Nantucket Island off the MA coast had 90 pmh winds...2 people were killed by fallen trees...semi-trucks overturned on the Newport Bridge and others...they had to ban all buses and trucks...seems to be as bad or worse than predicted. I am inland in RI and we got the lesser winds but loud enough to bang the awning against my bedroom and kind of scared my "Dolly" cat. : (  It's bolted to the house and stays up all the time. Big wind really bangs it against my bedroom wall! The worst is over...the wind made me shut off my PC 3 times from power surges - it constantly would beep in one long beeeeeeeeeeeep! 
Now...Hawaii Five-O is on but not that interested. Tonight, MacGyver was better. Maybe I'll write here more since this blog is called, "A Glimpse of Now." What better place, really to write about what's going on now? 
Hopefully for the rest of March winter is over. May have a rain/snow mix Wednesday, but nothing but cloudy days in the next week and in the 40's, so not much to complain about. They call March a transitional month for weather and a change of seasons...when you think you're done with winter it seems to let you know that it's not quite over yet. Anyway, weather is extreme in the times we are living's storm was an extreme example. And not the first - we went through "Super Storm Sandy" which was an extreme storm - it was huge and we lost power for 3 days.  Luckily it was not during winter. Time to close...I'm getting tired of my own voice. And getting tired, period, and will sign off until I am once again in the mood to find some enjoyment in writing to myself or to anyone who may be reading this besides me. 
So, Nancy...out!
(Got that from Seacrest!) 

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