Sunday, March 11, 2018

John Davidson 1972 hits: American Pie, Joy to World & My Personal Photos

John Davidson has been one of my favorite male vocalists since he came onto the music scene. I was so fortunate to go to his performance at our local Warwick Musical Theater in RI way, way back...I will always remember his gold jacket he wore that night - he has a pitch perfect voice, oh so sweet, still today he remains one of my very favorite vocalists and people, in general. 
John was gracious enough to come out and talk to the crowd after his performance.
The two people each side of him in black work for the theater and the backstage stuff - moving things around, and so wear black to go unnoticed.  
(double exposure)
We stayed till the end - I got my autograph and have one regret. I was close enough to him to give him my pen and program to sign...I wanted to give him a kiss - why didn't I kiss him! Ugh...we made eye contact and I was speechless!! He is gorgeous!! :)  I have been known to have crushes on celebrities and John Davidson was, and is no exception, even today. :) He lives next door in Lenox, MA in the Berkshires. About a 2.5 hour drive. Will we meet again? He is still doing shows locally. If so, I won't leave without my kiss!! :) 
He's five years older than myself...and now our hair is grey (mine not as much) and so I am posting a couple of "now" photos of John. Still handsome - I hope we do meet again...till then, I still have his music to enjoy! Thank you for being in the world in my lifetime. :)
John Davidson performs at the Passim in Cambridge, MA
I think this was taken when he was living in Mexico. Still handsome...same dimples...what a smile! :)

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