Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Now Turkeys and Deer!

I feed the birds and squirrels and chipmunks on the table on our back deck and some spills through the cracks in the floor onto the ground below. One day months ago I saw that wild turkeys were in the field behind our fence in the back yard eating bugs...grazing. Well, it wasn't long before they came into the yard and started eating the seeds that were on the ground below the deck. I decided to start throwing cracked corn over the deck for them, and the small critters, and now they are here at least 5 days a week eating their corn! Once in a while I'll see one on the table, but when it leaves it ends up in one of the old dog's fenced yards and doesn't know how to get out, so 3 times I have had to start down the deck stairs to scare it away and it's only then that they fly out to freedom!

Recently we have had deer come close to the deck, too...they see the other wildlife here eating and want in on the action, so one photo is of a deer walking away from the deck after seeing me in the window.

Feeding animals is something I love doing - it warms my heart and soul...and their tummies!

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