Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Here I go again - when will I know the truth from the world within?

When will I learn not to stay in low energy places among low energy faces?

Hey - when will you teach me where I belong?

When will you tell me where I go wrong?

Lessons are learned from within, not above - this I know. Michael is gone...everyone on that riverbank is gone - where did they all go? The city is obscured now. Why did everything change? The path has become overgrown...no one walks here but me. Tell me where the old way has gone so I can once again see my teacher and friend and home. Is there another place where I am to have a new home other than by the river? Or am I to be alone there ...no I think not. I know someone will guide me to my new paradise. It's just not here anymore. Begin again or change completely. Maybe I am to start new but really new without the "old" in the way. Think...what is it I am supposed to do? I know what isn't working yet I stay in the boat that hardly stays afloat. The waterfall inspires me to write. Its loud rushing water sings to my soul. Maybe I have found my new river right outside my window...maybe I am in my new home away from home. So am I to spend time reflecting there and learning life's lessons? Something isn't right there. But what is it that I can change to make it right for me...and my purpose there? That is the question I am posing to you, Dear Ones. Talk to me. Teach me to know my soul's purpose.

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