Sunday, March 6, 2011

My First Sale ON FAA

Finally, after a year and 2 months, I received an email from Fine Art America telling me I sold a "greeting card" of my painting, "Mandala!" A small sale but I had almost given up...thinking I wouldn't sign up again for their sales program, but I did and am glad I did.

The sale came from a buyer from San Antonio, TX which was a surprise because another recent "visitor" viewing that painting was from Chepachet, the town where my art studio is. I was sure it was someone from there, funny how it was someone from Texas!

As small a purchase as this was, it somehow gave me some motivation needed to continue to paint and look for more ways to display my art. I have shelf space in Putnam, CT at Jeremiah's Antiques, and in the other direction, I have been offered to sell paintings at Cindy's Flowers & Things in her new store in Smithfield, so maybe there is some light at the end of this dark tunnel after all.

Debating whether to keep my space at Pinewood Park or not as I am not the least bit interested in sitting there among offices and unfriendly people. The restaurant in front has opened but not for lunch yet when I would be there, and the stove shop is still FOR RENT as well as a unit above me, so things have to come together soon or I will leave and sell my art and merchandise in other's stores.

But...Keeping the faith!

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