Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Friendships Are Like Gardens


Friendships are like gardens.
"What you sow so shall you reap."

Gardens and friendships grow and last depending on how you care for both.  If you plant seeds and water with joy looking forward to the happiness and gifts each brings to them, they will continue to flourish and grow for decades. 

If a friend begins to treat you less than with respect and love, the garden starts to lose that beautiful energy that has kept it blooming all these years. At its worst, when a friend starts to urinate on you - like the flowers in the garden, you will feel badly and begin to feel sick and eventually the friendship begins to die slowly. Unless you get away from the one who treats you like a toilet you will no longer have a loving and beautiful friendship like the garden it was.  And so you will only have use for a table for one in your still flourishing garden as you are the one left to tend and nurture it as it understands and knows it is still in good hands. So handle your friendships with care - but that will only work if both want the friendship in the first place. Once one has made the decision to pee in your garden...save the garden and yourself and send the friend on their way.

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