Monday, March 29, 2021

Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey: A Mystical Spring

I have loved listening to Caroline Myss for years...decades! I have many books and CD series' and have been taking her webinars. (sigh) But I have been noticing some differences that I'm not too happy with lately. 
First, her webinars are very repetitious. She tells the same stories that I can tell myself easily! :) Although we have a lot in common, meaning that I agree with much of what she teaches, nothing is fresh and new anymore. 
I also notice that she's bashing Christianity and is taking us into Buddhism which she admitted was where "she is" right now, even though she keeps with some of her Catholic traditions and just released her book on PRAYERS.
I started to dislike that during every webinar she tells us that we're all going to die. Well, we all know that so why does she keep repeating it? 
Now she is doing a few series this Spring - hers is the last and 3rd, and this guy, Andrew Harvey...I don't know what to think. What's he wearing? I love his bejeweled rings...but the feeling I got was that a lot of these authors and supposedly spiritual and mystical thinkers and practitioners are riding the bandwagon necessary to make a living...with our continuous support and money! He sits there looking like some kind of saint and then looking at Caroline while he's talking, she wants to jump back in and it was obvious to me that she does better when she's alone.
 Have you ever noticed that people who offer this spiritual/mystical stuff are very competitive? Now I am seeing things differently. Why am I reading Caroline's prayers? Or anyone's prayers when I can write, recite, and think my own prayers? Why should I seek enlightenment from all of these spiritual writers/thinkers? How do I know that their beliefs are words of truth. Their truth, yes, but THE truth? No one knows. 
My final thought - I'm disappointed and am not taking any of her Spring webinars. They're time consuming, and she is still repeating the same stuff she has already taught. I'm going to speak to my God in my own time and place and way. My soul knows my truth. I know when something "rings true" and what doesn't. I listen to my self now. My intuition will never take me in the wrong direction. I don't need any of these people telling me what to think and believe. Where's the proof? What I will do is continue to buy books that interest and call to me. Maybe in the future I'll be more selective and listen to a webinar now and then, but am not going to be the faithful follower anymore. I need to follow my own heart and soul. It'll keep me on the right path to God that all of us are seeking. Maybe all paths will lead to the same place...God, but I know now that it's my journey and I like what I believe and I like some tradition in my spiritual life. 
That's all...look at this video where Caroline is introducing us to this man...shaking my head, I know he's not someone I'm interested in following. She's unfortunately starting to impose her Buddhist friends on us. That's okay, but it's not for me. I am tired of her telling us that this life is an illusion! That line I have heard enough of way back when - now she's adopted this thinking. 
Disappointed Nancy...out...for this time.

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