Monday, February 8, 2021

Tom Brady & Co. are Super Bowl LV Champions

Tom Brady never disappoints!
He left the Patriots to play for Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a 2-year contract. He said he had something he needed to prove to himself, and I believe he succeeded with this Super Bowl win! 
He's not finished he said, he'll know when the time comes to stop playing football, but it clearly is not the time - he's looking forward to next season.
He has ring #7 now...and I want to say that anyone who boasts that he should have retired 2 seasons or more ago is just their stupid opinion. No one knows when a person should retire from their career, whatever it is. 
 QB Mahomes, in my view, will not have a long career. He's already dealing with injuries - he's young and plays hard and fast - it's not enough for him to throw the ball...he has to keep it and run it himself! :) Players like that burn out quickly and are always injured. I saw him go right into the Chiefs locker room the first time they lost to Brady and never came out onto the field to congratulate him - all that is, is a young poor sport and poor sportsmanship. In fact, Brady went to the locker room and asked to talk to Mahomes.  And today I learned that Mahomes' mother emailed Brady's mother to tell her Tampa Bay only won because of the referees' calls! my opinion, sore losers and bad sportsmanship runs in Mahomes' blood.  All anyone had to do was look at the Bucs defense make mincemeat out of the "young gun" and the Bucs earned every bit of that game win.  In the playoffs up to yesterday, Tampa had to go through Drew Brees and Aaron Rogers for the chance to play in the Super Bowl!  Till next season...


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