Tuesday, January 7, 2020

My Journal

Will my unused year-old journal be the beginning of the project I have been searching for?  
I'll find out because I am starting this morning to use it to write and paint about whatever my soul wants to express. The two words that came to me today were, "nothing matters."
I felt worry leave my mind and body, and I felt a "letting go" of something I was holding on to.  In the end, nothing matters. Trying to make something happen - going by the formula everyone seems to use to get their art/book out there doesn't work with my lifestyle and limitations.  Whatever I want to do has to be something I can do on my own and not rely on someone else to do all the leg work.  A small bit, maybe, that's all.
The rest I want to say will go into my journal.  Things are changing. The world is uncertain.  Those who rely on selling their creations on social media and etsy and amazon, etc. Well, what happens when banks go under and the world is in turmoil because of the actions of certain people who have the power to turn the world upside down?  Is your book or painting going to matter?  Maybe, if when left behind it is found under rubble and ashes.  
So, I'm taking a load off and am going to say what I want to say, which by the way, can't be said on Facebook!  What is wrong with people?  There is no support and I can count my friends on one hand.  I can't say anything or I'm ignored or people are discontented with me.  Huh!  I have changed my usage on Facebook now and that has led me to start a project using my journal to write and paint when an image is called for.  People have created books from their own journals, and with that idea at the forefront of my mind, I am starting today which will make me one of those ...what do they call them....busy people!  :) 

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