Monday, August 12, 2019

Smile - Be Happy - Live Your Truth

Writers are writing, teachers are teaching, and preachers are preaching, so why isn't it translating?
Everyone is writing books and teaching through workshops and preaching what they believe and so people are following what and who attracts them and their beliefs, then a tribe is created. So all the good that is written and all the inspiration that is taught and all the stuff about God is preached, but it's staying with those who are cut from the same cloth. What good does it do for the well being of all? People congregate with those like themselves. They won't attract those who have different or even evil thinking and live a negative way of life. They, too, have a tribe and that's why society has problems and why we are a divided people.
 I have difficulty finding my tribe. I haven't found a society I want to step out into. I must belong to a tribe known as the "hidden ones" because we all stay alone and so we don't find one another because we don't have our special place to go where we gather with our same desires and beliefs. I think this is where communities develop as they are only like each other. I belong in a society of vegans, animal lovers, nature lovers, and work at growing food and caring for the environment. I also belong to a tribe where everyone is creative and contribute to and compliment each other's artistic abilities. Does such a society exist? The problem with people is that everyone is different and we're living intertwined with all of our differences and we are attracted to those people who we have the same things in common with. Groups and communities and places of worship are grown and then we are separate. 

It used to be,"opposites attract," but for a while now it has been, "like attracts like." It gets real tricky when you live with someone and one person changes and the other doesn't and the one who changed wants to live differently and go in a different direction. You stay and make the best of it or leave and pay the consequences. "Life is difficult" - the first sentence in the book, 
"The Road Less Traveled."
Smile - Be Happy - Live your Truth
(What else can we do?)

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