Tuesday, July 16, 2019

White October Moon

(painting by Deanna Daffodil Williams)
(vision and description by Nancy Stokes Shewchuk)

Two months ago I awoke from a dream that became a vision.  I knew I wanted to remember it so I drew a rough sketch.  I love Deanna's art and so even though I also paint, I don't paint in her style which I like and have two other paintings by her.  So I sent her my sketch and description of my vision and asked her to paint my vision knowing it had to become part of something bigger. 

Today I received this image so I could use it on my blog or maybe a website - or maybe I'll just hang the painting and admire it as it keeps company with the Angel and Madonna paintings I purchased from Deanna.  So for now, I am posting it here because it should be seen by others...my dream...my vision...painted by Deanna Daffodil Williams.  

What this collaboration has given me is the motivation to start painting again. :)  I have ideas but I lose motivation at times - this time I am ready to paint my own visions for the simple reason that they are mine. :)  Maybe this is a "steppingstone" to get busy - paint my paintings - and create a vehicle where they can be offered to view or purchase. 

Check back here on my blog for further details and updates - I have work to do!  :)

written by
 Nancy Stokes Shewchuk

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