Wednesday, October 3, 2018

John Davidson & Me!

Route 44 Music Series 
John Davidson
September 20, 2018
JD Entering from rear of room singing -
I was in the back row.
JD singing first song
He looks great - almost 77
He told many stories between songs -
He told jokes and was very open about his life.
He still has his voice and hasn't missed a beat!
Me & JD - Giving him the tote bag of gifts - Bag had his photo printed from one I took of him 50 years ago at the Warwick Musical Theater. We talked - I said that was taken in the late 60's as he looked at his old picture and he replied that he was in California in the late 60's. So maybe it was a little sooner...or later...dunno. 
JD was signing a CD for me in exchange for the gifts I gave him. I offered my Tee-shirt to sign but he said he couldn't. He did thank me with a kiss and looks good in my "rose quartz" shade of pink lipstick! :) 
I was laughing but don't remember about what. :) 
Our hair matches except mine is naturally curly! :) 
He is still handsome and I'll always remember this evening! I gave him a big hug after the show when he walked by to the back my 50 year dream came true. I got my hug and kiss from John Davidson - it was worth waiting 50 years for!! :) 

(Oh, I wasn't able to lose the pounds I wanted to before this night, therefore not happy with myself in pictures. Back on the diet...maybe next time!)

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