Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Remembering Barbara Bush - Letters from The White House 27 Years Ago

I was saddened to learn about the passing of former First Lady, Barbara Bush last evening. It brought back memories of a poem I wrote and sent to her husband, George H.W. Bush 27 years ago after I was moved by his State of the Union Address. 
The poem is as follows:


I look up in prayer
To shrapnel-fed heavens,
But God is hidden by the smell of war. 
My eyes burn from blood-swept sands,
As I journey for peace.
Through the face of death,
With weapon in hand I remember,
Behind the enemy lies freedom.

(copyright 1991 - Nancy Shewchuk)

After President Bush's State of the Union Address I went to bed that night thinking about war. I was inspired to write about what it must be like -
"being a soldier."
I imagined myself in a soldier's boots - 
and "LONE SOLDIER" came to be.
I decided to mail my poem with a letter of support to President Bush. I was very surprised that he sent me a letter and thanked me for my poem and my support.
After receiving his letter I wondered if my local newspaper would be interested in seeing it. They were and the following article about it was printed in The Woonsocket Call on the front page.
March 22, 1991
I then decided to send a copy of the newspaper with the article to The White House via Barbara Bush.
She was warm and gracious and sent me a little note to thank me.
Former First Lady Barbara Bush
What a lovely response and now souvenir from President and Mrs. Bush.  
When we are moved to write or paint or make a call and reach out to someone, do it! You never know what will come of it. I am at my best when I act on my feelings - what moves me. The following article is from The Woonsocket Call after sending them a copy of the note from Mrs. Bush.
Today, 27 years later, my thoughts and prayers are with the Bush family. I know Barbara Bush is at peace and would want all Americans to come together as one and move forward for the good of the country and the world. 
~ Rest in Peace ~

I have the poem and articles on my web site under the category, "LONE SOLDIER"

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