Friday, February 23, 2018

Charlotte Church - Carrickfergus - ENCHANTMENT Live from Cardiff, Wales

This song touches my soul like none other.
It takes me on a fantasy, and that's what I love about it. I've wanted to visit Carrickfergus ever
since I heard this song and it would be easy to
travel there from where I live as our now RI International airport
has added flights every day via Norwegian Air
to 4 cities in Ireland and 1 to Glasgow. 
Cheap airfare, too! I have Irish roots as well as soul wants to answer that call. Thank you to my father's side of the family for my hair! I have observed that the Irish and Brits have great hair!  :)
That's another blog post - I already have example first would be Rufus Wainwright!

Then I will add Cillian Murphy. (from the movie, Red Eye) More another time.
But while I'm at it, I must add a photo of
the GOAT - (greatest of all time)
#12 NE Patriots Quarterback - Tom Brady
Yup...I love hair
and the Irish/English have it!!
GO PATS - there's always next year!

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