Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Messages from your Paintings (free offer)

Greetings Art Lovers!
(Free Offer)
Would you like to receive a message from the spiritual essence of one of your paintings?
It's something I've done with most of my own paintings and would like to offer messages from yours as well!
I am offering this service at no cost to you while I'm waiting for an art course to's winter and I have time on my hands to write and paint. So if you're interested to hear what your painting has to say, as I believe, "every painting has something to say."
 Include an attachment of your painting and its title, your name and email address, and I will get to work on your behalf and return your message via email and attachment via WP.
Read more on my blog: Nancy's Art Shop
You can also go to my website to read messages I've done for my own "Spirit Art" paintings and how "Art Speak" works.
Thank you for your interest...Nancy

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