Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Blue Hawaii ~ "Remembering Elvis"

                  ~ Remembering Elvis ~

"Blue Hawaii" was my favorite movie of his. When I lived in Tennessee 70 miles north of Memphis from 1985-1988, I was able to visit his home, Graceland, a few times the years I lived there. Once on a Christmas Eve...lights decorated the trees in the was very special. On a tour of the grounds another time I sat in the little pink jeep and had my picture was used in "Blue Hawaii" - Saw his cars including the pink caddy...his horses...gravesite...his white piano and torn bright yellow chair cushions at his bar downstairs.

 I wrote song lyrics after his death in 1977 and found a recording company in Nashville to collaborate with. I paid $400 for someone to come up with the music and vocals...had 100 pressings made of the small 45's. The deal was that NASHCO was supposed to get it played on the radio and I was to receive royalties...yeah, right! It was a scam. (there's a lot of stealing in the music business) I found out in TN from a musician friend after playing my record for him he said he had heard that...when I played The Music Man, B side, he said he heard that, too...I knew I had been had! But, locally in RI at a local radio station, I answered phones from people requesting Elvis songs on an Elvis tribute night...and then the rest of them were auctioned off of my records went to Japan! Their former President was a huge Elvis fan...maybe he has it! :) Anyway, I loved Elvis...cried when he died, and had a record made and played called, "Good-Bye Elvis" - Sat in the pink jeep and walked his Graceland grounds...magical memories. So happy I was born when I was as not to have missed the memories and moments I have had. His music lives on, and my memories do, too. :)

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