Monday, August 15, 2011

I Sink I'm In Zeee Wrong Place!

I think and think and think about why certain people do not come into my Three Lights Sanctuary. I'm in a new location, three doors away from a country store and 2 antique shops. I'm near a liquor store, and across the street from an insurance office and Auto Audio. I look out my windows at the mega traffic go by and stopped at the light very close by, thinking that they must see my sign while they're stopped, anyway. Maybe they'll come in one day? And what about the people who live in the house my Sanctuary is in? They sit on the porch smoking with their dog barking...for hours...while I'm open...they don't come in, and I have only met and spoken to one, yet he won't come in he says, "because I don't have any money." I told him he doesn't have to buy anything, that I'd just like to show my shop to him. No soap. He sat on the porch with his barking black lab...and I wonder if that's going to contribute to keeping people away. Someone else was on the porch and his dog was loose...trotted up to me when I opened yesterday. I love animals and hold nothing against them. But, "am I in zeee right place?"

Why are people so unfriendly? While I was at Pinewood Park the last year and a half no one came in because I was out of the way, off the beaten path, and know from experience that few people will drive out of their way to come to my shop. They have to want something I have that they can't get anywhere else. What I don't understand is why didn't the women in the offices next to me come in in a year and a half? Not even out of curiosity! I am so different than the people I'm surrounded by. If someone moved a shop nearby I'd go in, introduce myself and be excited to look around to see what they were offering. What's so hard about that? Not a thing. I want a professional opinion why people are the way they are. Is it the area? I can be next door to people and they won't come in..."I must be in zeee wrong place!"

What about the waitress down the street where I get pizza and veggie pockets and have been for 22 years? She went out of her way to show me a stone she bought in the next state, so when I bought my new stones I gave her flyers of all my stones and their meanings. She told me where she gets her stones and thanked me for thinking of her. I have more stones and am much closer...will she come in? Probably not. Why not? This is what I don't understand. People who know me in my own town treat me like I have a contagious disease. They stay away. They show no support whatsoever.

If I knew someone and they opened a new shop I'd be one of the first to check it out. What is wrong with people? So I thought about the people who DO come in. Strangers. People from out of town. And they give me compliments and they're friendly, and they buy, most of them, and they have something in common with me. So that's why I took out another full page ad that will be in this weeks papers, two of them, in Connecticut, as I'm only 7 miles away.

I had an interesting thought recently. "What if I am in zeee wrong place?" What if I don't belong here. My mother told me I was conceived in New York City when my parents were on a Thanksgiving vacation! I write and paint, and I used to sing and dance and love music and the theater. I used to be a star-struck teenager and wrote to every movie star I liked and have an album of autographed photos, post cards and even a letter from singer, Dee Dee from the old Dick and Dee Dee. I have seen many musicals and still attend a concert here and there if someone very special is performing in the area, like Josh Groban - I have tickets to see him in November. The arts are "in my blood." What if we are meant to live where we were conceived and not where we were born? Think about that for a moment. Think about you as a little soul around the people who made you...and there you go, into the mother's body where she New York!!! Not in RI!!! Geeeze...this is why what I do isn't working for me. "I Sink I'm In Zeee Wrong Place!" (...and yes, that's a French accent I threw in because I think it's funny. It's a phrase Sebastien used when David Miller came out from auditioning for IL DIVO! the way, they are both members of IL DIVO...and yes...I saw them in concert at Mohegan Sun...beautiful voices and handsome faces and soooo talented!)

So, what if? I would have been in zeee RIGHT place in NYC. Surrounded by the arts. By musicians and artists and theater and dance. Did I miss the bus? Will I have to wait for the next lifetime for the right bus? So my parents played a dirty trick on me. They made me in New York and moved me to North Smithfield, RI. Thanks folks. Hope you're having a good laugh in heaven or wherever you may be. So here I am, wondering what's wrong, why aren't people coming in and why do I have to keep moving my shop from place to place? Now I know that it could be as simple as, "I Sink I'm In Zeee Wrong Place!

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