Monday, December 20, 2010

Memories of Rufus

The night of the concert I had 4 - one-time-use camcorders to create memories of Rufus Wainwright performing LIVE! After the clerk at CVS replaced the batteries in all camcorders, as I tested them before we left...good thing...they get reused...wonderful, I proceeded to use one of our ride to Storrs, then saved the other 3 for him.

Ran into trouble, of course, with developing/processing. My husband had to bring them to a CVS in MA near where he works as the local CVS had no clue what to do with them! We got one back that worked. It was the first I took - the drive to Storrs. They came up empty, as none of the others played anything. They gave us our $$$ back and sent them somewhere else to see if they can save the "chip?" and then process them. In one week I'll know if I captured any memories of Rufus LIVE or if I will just have to keep them in my heart and mind!

Lesson: don't buy anything made in China, and buy a reliable camera of your own so you don't go through what I just did. I may still get them and have them to enjoy for years, or I won't. There has been a lessen learned nevertheless. One of which is not to depend on any type of cameras and computerised gadgets. The day will come when we will be forced to go back to the basics and all the social networks and computers and related stuff will run amok and cause much trouble, or nothing will be safe. No information will be banking or purchases will be safe..I am looking forward to that day as I can see there is way too much dependency on the almighty computer and attachments.

This is the program insert from concert night and our ticket stubs. I watched the 1 DVD and it was really nice...a nice memory of our anniversary. I'll be watching in months to come where Rufus will be performing, and would love to see him again!

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