Sunday, December 15, 2019

Traffic Sources - xyz? Who Are You?

I'm somewhat concerned about the increase in my blog audience. I always check the countries where people are viewing my blog from. There have been many countries in Europe, UK lately, and Nigeria. Usually Russia and Ukraine were at the top besides the US, but when I check "Traffic Sources," I am seeing weird words and then ".xyz" at the end. That's okay but then I clicked on the traffic sources and am then seeing "area codes of phone numbers" of many states here in the US and Canada...and the first 3 of the 4 digit phone numbers. 
What Is This???

I feel like I am being hacked and don't know what you people are doing and why are there phone numbers on my blog under "Traffic Sources?"  I feel like I have to delete my blog now. 
Every Traffic Source ends in "xyz."  
I have to get someone who knows what's going on to help me know what to do, so whoever you people are, leave me a comment or find another blog to infest!  Mine will be off limits if I find out there's something rotten in Denmark!! (sorry Denmark, your country isn't one who visits my blog lately - it's an American expression) 

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