Saturday, December 28, 2019

My Neighbor's Cat & I Miss "Tabby Cat"

Christmas is over so I'm just filling the time before New Year's Eve with stuff I already have to share. 
I looked out the back door window to see my neighbor's cat sitting atop the gypsy wagon!  :)  Perfectly comfortable and a great view of the neighborhood, I know she's still here looking for her "pal," "Tabby Cat."  I fed him outside on the deck for 4 years.  He adopted us and our yard as his.  I was so happy to offer him food and his own house on the deck, and he had the gypsy wagon and under the sheds for shelter.
He used to stay away for days, but in September he was gone for 8 days - too long to suit me, so we started looking for him and asking neighbors if they've seen him.  I called the local shelter to see if he'd been picked up, maybe as a stray, and the officer checked the records and said she had picked up a gray tabby on September 28th (10 days prior) - he had been hit and was killed 4 houses away.  : (   I'm still not over losing him.  Someone took a picture of him and she emailed it to was my "Tabby Cat."  I asked if they still had his body and she said they did, so I asked my husband to pick him up so we could give him a proper burial.  So my "kitty" did come home - I got to hold him for the first time.  We buried him right away in our pet cemetery and I can visit him anytime I want to.  My neighbor's cat is here every day looking for her friend.  : (  She rests in his little house on the deck but I don't feed her as she has a home across the street.  Unfortunately, she has the same habit he had - catching birds!  I found 2 little snow birds, partial birds, inside the cat house, mostly feathers...the stinker!  Smart...she waits inside the house and pounces on them when they show up to eat from the table right next to the cat house.  I get up earlier now just to open the door so she'll run off the deck so I can save the birds.  Today she came back! :) I sent her away a 2nd time. It's a double-edged sword - you feed the birds but cats are allowed to roam free, so we do what we can to help out both.  And so that's the news at my house.
She got down from the gypsy wagon and decided to see what she could hunt in the field and beyond!
She will be back waiting for her "pal" to show up - I think she thinks now that he's in the house because he's not ever outside.  She doesn't know she passes by his grave site and that he's still Spirit. 
Today is the 3rd month anniversary of his death.
Rest In Peace, "Tabby Cat."
I love and miss you very much.

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