Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Woods Call

My Pink Beauty

I have never loved a flowering plant like this succulent we brought home from a local nursery late spring.
The pale pink bud opening - what a little beauty!  :)
It is flourishing since I brought it inside - I want to see how long I can keep it and it's not slowing down - there are still buds not yet opened.
It looks like there is a burst of light rays shooting out of the center of the blossom!  :) 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Leaves are Turning - Columbus Day Weekend

It's Columbus Day Weekend here and the colors are starting to show, especially today with the sun out for the first time in 5 days!

Hungry deer are responsible for what the fire bush looks like now!  It hides the well behind it.  Hope we don't have "winter kill" because of it.  : (

Mama came with her 2 babies to  nibble at the front of the fire bush! Too bad the screen spoils the pic but I caught them in the act! :) They came to finish the job!!

October 14 ...and then there were four!
9 turkeys decided to pay a visit and eat what they could find yesterday. A squirrel found a way to get into the pic on the deck floor. :)
Some on the back fence, table, and under the pines. They're comfortable here. :) And they know where the food is! :) 

Monday, October 7, 2019

I Love Everything About It

The cold weather has begun to creep in and that means if left outside this beautiful succulent, my favorite flowering plant, was brought inside. I will water it and placed it where it will get the most light, which only time will tell if it's enough. I absolutely love...love...love this plant and want to keep it living as long as possible! :) 

Friday, October 4, 2019

Celebrating World Animals Day

Celebrating all of the animals that brought me joy and shared their love all of my life.
 Sharing some photos and all of their names:
Suzie, Lucy, Shadow, Sissy, Chloe, Dolly, Toby, Smokey, Cookie, Mickey, Dusty, Misty, Billy, Angel, Scottie, Sunny, Jake, Cruz, Gaylord, Daffy, Panda, Panda ll, Mickey ll, Molly, Miss Kitty, Tabby Cat, Ewan, Gabriel, Olivia, Cocoa, Muffin, Raisin, Teddy.
 Through My Life
With Cocoa and Jake in Idaho, and with Panda, my first dog in RI.
Chloe & Dolly looking at a fly!
Dusty being Dusty :)
Cookie & Suzie
Smokey & Sissy
Toby with her "fab 4!"
Little Joe, Olivia, Ewan, Gabriel
Gabriel & Olivia
Mickey l
Shadow, Smokey, Sissy
Gabriel, Ewan, Olivia
Misty & Sunny
Sammy - (the last one still with us) 
I have many more special photos of my pets through the years - too many to post. Life isn't life without animals! 

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever (Official Video)

This song gets to me every time I watch the scene in "Bohemian Rhapsody" when Freddie walks into the clinic where he meets with a doctor who tells him what to expect and how they will treat his disease. Then he walks back down the hall to the door only to hear, "Ay Oh" - and he turns to the sound of the voice, sees the boy and replies,
"Ay Oh." 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Culprit

Took a ride around the yard in my golf  cart and took a few pictures here and there with my new phone! Yay! I can have some fun now. :) 
It all began when I looked out the back door window and saw a fawn under and nibbling at the umbrella tree. 
It's a little hard to see through the screen door, but it's right in the middle of the pic under the tree. :) He will be known as, "the culprit" - why?  Look below!
Yup. You know deer are around when you see shrubs half-eaten which is as high as the animal can reach to eat! :) 
Tell-tale signs of, "the culprit!"  :) 
This one is alone in the right side yard.
An old dog house for "Billy" when we used him as a guard dog after I was scared catching an intruder casing my house...he didn't think anyone was home...surprise!! Long story - cops got him and then I got "Billy."  When I felt safe we had a fence built and he became a house dog and was let in and out to his yard. He was a good dog and passed away many years ago - kept his house where it was.
I drove around the front yard and this is what our geraniums look like now - everything is slowing down and starting to draw their energy back.
The shrubs behind the pedestal are also deer food - I watched one put a branch in its mouth and then close its teeth and scrape the needles from back to front - smart! :) Looks terrible...and if you drive around town you will see shrubs that look just like our half-eaten ones! Hey...they have to eat, too, especially in winter. Let them...I don't turn any hungry animals away if they find something to eat in our yard, unless it's alive, and has a face! I hate when cats hunt birds and chipmunks, etc...to me...everything has a right to live. I chase hawks away when I see them sitting on the fence near the deck! They're just waiting for the little "wild ones" - not in my yard, so move on and fly away!!
We have a problem with vines climbing our big pine tree in the right corner of the front yard near the road. Have to call a landscape company - it's taking over and getting worse, so...
This is my prized possession! 
Of all the flowers we got for the yard and deck this spring and summer, this is my favorite and grew to be so beautiful and has flourished. Next year I want more of these succulents!! :) 
It's not even showing signs of slowing down...it's still loaded with buds! :)
So, that's a little look at my yard early fall...things happening and changing. And it all began with "the culprit!"  :)
(a bit dark in the shade - fawn is near the peonies bush near fence)

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Beautiful Art

I came across a few paintings on Facebook that I posted and saved to share here - really beautiful!
Almeida Coval
Sintra, Portugal
This is spectacular!
"To Eiffel Tower"
Irene Gendelman
"Clear Winter Night"
Carol Collette

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


This isn't "Thing" but it looks like him, if he's a him. :) 
We've had a resident groundhog for several years. I decided to name him, "Thing!" I think because at first I didn't know what it was...and when I name something, it sticks. :)
I have seen him eating clover and whatever usually in the back yard but sometimes in the front. He checks out the seeds and corn, too, that I throw out for the birds and squirrels. 
He lives under 2 sheds in the back yard - there are holes in a few different places, even under the chain link fence (ex-dog's yard) next to the shed near the house and another to get out the other side. :)
So...I happened to look out the back door window this morning and saw on the deck what I thought was a strange cat near one of the flower pots...at second glance I knew it was "Thing!" What a surprise! :) I have never seen him on the deck before - I didn't know groundhogs climbed stairs! I would think I'd have seen him up here before this. He was eating at the coleus! I didn't care...the flowers are on there way out for the summer...but I was concerned because not all plants or flowers are good for animals. He was really loving it! I asked my husband for his camera so I could get a picture, but it wouldn't have been clear enough through the window so I quietly opened the door to get a better one and of course, he ran quickly down the stairs! I haven't seen him since.  : (
I'm getting a new phone tomorrow and will be able to take pictures more often...oooh...hope I can get some cool pics for my blog and FB. :) I may be the only person entertained by my posts but what the heck? :) I'm having fun!