Thursday, December 26, 2019

Stories Yet To Be Written

Yes! I have discovered that writing and typing are the only forms of communication and ways I enjoy  expressing what is in my heart, mind, and Soul. They are my voice. It's my New Year's resolution! :)  To speak with the voice I prefer. 
The one I was born to use.

The telephone is a troublemaker!
Or maybe it's the one on the other end that is the troublemaker and uses the phone to deliver trouble.  The great thing about not talking on the phone?  No one can hang up on you!  :) 

I also figured out that I prefer writing because my mind and thoughts are in sync with my fingers and hand.  My speaking voice doesn't seem to work fast enough with what is in my heart and mind to say.  Makes sense, huh? 

Some people don't like that you change, as I just learned because I recently gave up chatting on the phone.  They may even end their friendship with you because of it - well that would mean they do not accept your choice to change an aspect of your life and way of being. If they leave, you didn't mean that much to them.  It is so important to live the way that feels right to you. If changing something makes you happier, then by all means do it! If people take it personally, don't worry about it.  You can't please everyone - but you can please yourself.  The friends that stay in your life are the ones that roll with your choices and should "shut up" if they don't like them.  

I understand an old friend better now. I respect that she lives the way she wants to live, that she doesn't like to stay on the phone, either, because she keeps herself so busy. I used to take offense when she was up my way and didn't tell me she was here, but she didn't want to see me or call...that was her choice.  I learned an important lesson - that's the way it should be.  It's up to you to decide if you still want to keep in touch on her terms or not.  I choose to.  She can breathe easier as I am not forcing myself into her space which she is the only one who decides who she wants in it at any given time.  She has silently empowered me to be more like her in that sense.  

I have another old friend who lives in Australia.  After visiting my country at age 19 when he came for a visit after writing for years as teens, I heard from him via email 3 years ago.  He soon stopped the emails maybe because I write long ones?  I'm not sure, but he asked if he and his wife could come for a visit.  I had to say, "no," not at this time because our way of life has changed and we were and are still not in the right place for company.  I don't hear from him anymore.  I got a Christmas card last year...this year not yet.  I can understand due to the awful wildfires close to where he lives. What I know is that if he had wanted to keep in touch, he would have.  He wants to visit me but he doesn't want to call me or write to me.  :)  As old pen pals, I find that strange.  I guess because he visited me, it's strange to him that I don't want company at this time.  There are many reasons which I will not offer here. 
It's just not the right time, and there may not be another right time. 
He either accepts things the way they are now or he doesn't.  
"People Are Funny!"  :)
Dec. 30 - Got a card from my old pen pal today! Mentioned the terrible bush fires and said it is unbearable!  He said he'll be in touch - that's great!  :)

So, YES, I will be writing and typing and I will be happy.  I suggest everyone does what makes them happy, too!  It is everyone's right. 
People will adjust - if not, 
let them go with a smile!  :)

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